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Molly's Column

June 11, 2014
Hi, this is Molly! How are you doing this fine day? Today's article will be my second to last article until next school year, although I may throw in a couple of articles here and there in the summer if I have the time. I am sorry I did not write an article last week. I was out of town for a softball tournament and came back Sunday afternoon and I still had chores to do. Also, I was really tired. Today I will talk about school, pigs, and interesting facts about pools, softball, one inspiring quote, and goals.

At school, we did not do much besides have fun and review what we have learned over the school year. We also had our last awards assembly and the last Roadrunner awards assembly for us fifth graders. I received the Principal's Award and the Citizenship and Effort award. I am glad that I finished the year off strong and I am hoping to continue this 4.0 G.P.A. in middle school. I also found out that I will be going straight into seventh grade math, instead of sixth grade math. I am really scared because I will not know what to expect with homework and the level of math they are doing. I am proud of myself for this accomplishment, but I also will realize that middle school math will be a lot different than what I am doing now. Our school had a Patriotic Assembly and we got to see Mrs. Heredia. I think as a school we all realized that we will all get to see her no matter where we go.

My pigs have thankfully made weight for the fair. They started out really tiny and eventually started to catch up to every other fair pig. It has come down to crunch time and I am working very hard to get them ready for the fair. I am taking it one hour at a time. I do really like crunch time because that is the time that you actually see growth in everything that you do with them. The date of the Del Mar Fair Livestock Auction is July 5 and pigs go first at 10 a.m. The Ramona Fair Auction is August 2 and the buyers check in is at 11 a.m. I will be showing at both fairs and selling my three pigs. If you are interested in bidding on my pig or buying one out of the barn, please contact me at or (760) 519-1643 and I would love to talk to you about my project and animals. Besides, everyone loves bacon!

When my mom and I were walking my pigs we came across a gopher or squirrel hole and right on top of the hole we found an egg, so we cracked it open. It was a real live egg. So then we thought maybe they are stealing our eggs then rolling them through their little tunnels to my neighbor, Mr. Martin's property. So, maybe it was not the crows. Maybe it was just those four legged, fluffy disease-carrying creatures. I am so sorry crows for blaming you! I guess it may not be you guys, or is it? I shall have further evidence next week.

I am really enjoying playing All Stars for EGSL. In fact, I am playing first base and sometimes right field. Sometimes, I pitch too. First base is my favorite position because I just love first base. I will tell more about softball next week when we have played our tournament.

"It always seems impossible until it is done." This means that a task will always seem impossible until it is done. Never underestimate yourself! Always do what you want to do and don't stop until you get there.

My goal this week is to try my very best in softball and in finishing up 4-H. I will always tell myself to not give up.

Beep Beep! I'm a running Roadrunner for just a few more days….writing all day!

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