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Letters to the Editor

Your voice can make a difference for school children

June 18, 2014
Should California's poorest schoolchildren be the interest free lenders of first resort to the state? I don't think so, but they are. For the past 10 years, the state has been diverting the property taxes that were allocated to schools to cover the state's other obligations. Most counties still report the property taxes are going to schools, even though they are not getting there. This violation of the public trust hurts our schools and our state.

Currently nearly $7 billion every year is diverted and this number is growing every year. You can visit www.yes4ed.org and see the tab 'How This Affects Your Schools' to see what is happening in our area. The news is not good for our children or our county.

Please join me in asking the Governor to support and the legislature to let us vote on whether schools should have the same protections that cities, counties, and special districts received in Prop 1A in 2004. Tell them that children need these local funds for their educations, and that these funds can't be used as a piggy bank for the state. Without transparency and accountability, we will never be able to get more resources to schools and rise above the bottom in the nation.

A letter and a phone call from you will make a real difference and give children a voice. Go to www.Yes4Ed.org and speak out. The future of our schools and our state depends on your voice.

Gloria Rom

San Diego

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