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The Number 23 - real life, not the movie

July 30, 2014
In early 2007 a movie called "The Number 23" was released. The movie starred Jim Carrey as a man obsessed with the number 23. I think the target audience was people like me who were born on the 23rd of the month.

I didn't have the opportunity to see "The Number 23" when it was in theaters, nor have I seen it on video since. I don't need to - I've experienced it personally.

About the time the movie "The Number 23" came out, a friend of mine changed her cell phone number. She told me that due to her favorite numbers, she requested that the last four digits of her phone number add up to 17 and was successful with that request. That's when I added up the last four digits of my own cell phone number and learned that they totaled 23.

I had been given a new cell phone number a few weeks earlier, and I added the last four digits of my old number. They also added up to 23.

I had been working with Fallbrook/Bonsall Village News publisher Julie Reeder long enough to know that she was born on the 23rd of a different month. I added up the final four digits of her cell phone, which totaled 19. But the seven digits, including a zero, were a cumulative 23.

A few months later I began working with someone on an unpaid activity. After a while I learned that her birthday was on the 23rd of a month. I added up her cell phone number digits, and the seven of them including the zero were a total of 23.

There were times after I obtained the new cell phone that I would include my new cell phone number along with my home phone in the body of a letter I wrote. There were other times where I would put my home phone number and cell phone number after my signature. Eventually I realized that the last four digits of my cell phone were the same ones, although in a different order, as those of my home phone. That meant - which I hadn't realized in approximately 18 years of having my home phone number - that the last four digits of my home phone number also added up to 23.

I may not have the capability to see movies on my cell phone, let alone my landline, but Jim Carrey's character can't match my ability to experience "The Number 23" with telephones. It's been real life for me, not just a show.

After 6 1/2 years of the second cell phone number whose digits added up to 23, I ended up with another cell phone and was unable to retain the old number. The last four digits of my new cell phone number are a cumulative 26. The seven digits total 43.

When I include the area code and count the zero as ten, the digits in my new cell phone number total add to 66. Route 66, Order 66 from the Star Wars movie - I'll have to figure out what transpires with this new phone number.

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