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Important work continued during the summer break

August 06, 2014
The Legislature adjourned for its summer recess July 3rd and reconvenes August 4th. While the recess was a time to recharge batteries and reconnect with family and friends, it was also a time to hear from constituents. During the recess, I held a series of advisories with local business leaders about a wide variety of economic issues facing our state and region.

Since agriculture is such a vital part of our economy, I held meetings with wine growers in Temecula and farmers in Fallbrook to discuss issues impacting local agriculture. Both discussions centered on the need for sustainable and affordable sources of water and for increased storage capacity. Concerns over new ground water regulations were aired and the need for local control was stressed.

I also met with members of the California Bankers Association to discuss their concerns about legislation, the state of the economy and new regulations that are having a significant impact on independent banks.

Additional advisories included the California Apartment Association, the California Optometric Association, the California Chiropractic Association, the California Pharmacists Association and the California New Car Dealers Association. Throughout these meetings, my intent was to meet with representatives of diverse industries to hear their concerns and to learn how state policies are impacting our economy.

I appreciate the time so many people took to meet with me to discuss these important issues. Now that the break is over, I am returning to Sacramento refreshed and, as a result of the advisories, better informed.

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