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Debate over the Second Amendment goes on

August 27, 2014
Second Amendment debates often seem to devolve into arguments between those who want to ban virtually all firearms and those, like myself, who believe the Second Amendment means exactly what it says. After all, how can you misinterpret the phrase "shall not be infringed?" Occasionally however, an idea for new legislation comes along which both sides can agree upon.

Assembly Bill 1591 (AB 1591) is a case in point. Introduced by Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian (R - Paso Robles), the bill requires courts to electronically notify the Department of Justice that a person has been deemed ineligible to own or possess a firearm due to his or her mental status within one day of that finding.

Sensible legislation aimed at keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals or the mentally ill deserves wide support. Consequently, AB 1591 passed both houses of the Legislature with unanimous support and was subsequently signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown.

However, legislation that undermines the Second Amendment and infringes on this most basic of our civil rights is another matter. I will continue to oppose bills like Senate Bill 53 (Kevin De León, D - Los Angeles), which requires a permit to purchase ammunition, or AB 1964 (Roger Dickinson, D - Sacramento), which attempts to ban single-shot handguns, so that one of our most important "unalienable rights" can continue to be enjoyed by the free men and women of this great state.

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