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VCHS Dance Ensemble presents "Next Steps" dance concert

June 05, 2013
Performing four shows over three days this past weekend, the VCHS Dance Ensemble put on a spectacular show for the 2013 Dance Concert, entitled "Next Steps."

The program featured nearly 200 dance students performing in 22 songs that varied in style from contemporary to jazz and hip hop to ballet.

The eight seniors in choreography and production—Maritza Alvarez, Courtney Aquino, Bayley Coberly, Laura Dangel, Sira Olivia Edwards, Rachel James and Maddie Keefe—headlined a cast of talented, dedicated students who, under the direction program director Carli Morasco, put together a concert of stunning visuals, intense emotion and toe-tapping fun.

The show began with "La Premiere," a modern dance number set to "Nos Dejo" from Cirque Du Soleil and performed by the Choreography & Production class.

One of the visual highlights of the program came in a piece entitled "You Reflect Me," a hip hop dance set to Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors" that featured the Intermediate Dance class holding an array of large mirrors as part of the choreography.

The supreme talent on display was clearly seen in the piece "Classical Cygnes," a ballet performance by Sira Olivia Edwards and Marisa Loya set to "Black Swan Music Remix" by SuperMusicccc. The dueling ballerinas took turns showcasing their flawless precision before joining together for a beautifully synchronized dance that flowed from one end of the stage to the other.

The ensemble provided a stirring tribute to Collin Barnes, a Valley Center graduate who died from heat stroke last fall, in the form of a piece called "Revival" that featured nine dancers performing the choreography of Bayley Coberly to the song "Beautiful Things" by Gungar.

The King entered the building next, as the Elvis Presley song "Bossa Nova Baby (Viva Elvis)" played for Rachel James, Marisa Loya, Savanna Reilly and Shawn Sullivan's tap dance number.

And just before intermission, the Sixth Period Beginning Dance class performed "Boogie On Down," a 1970s-inspired dance to a medley of boogie-themed songs. The dancers put on their best boogie shoes to go with the afro wigs and sparkling retro costumes for a crowd-pleasing performance.

Another fan favorite was the Third Period Beginning Dance class's performance of "S.H.I.E.L.D.," a contemporary dance take on the popular Avengers film, featuring superheroes Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye and The Black Widow battling a host of evil villains.

The Advanced Dance class also performed a fun piece called "Dance Hall Days," set to the song "PJ & The Rooster" by Outkast and featuring a mix of suspenders-and-tie clad dancers mixing it up with their flapper-era counterparts in a setting very much reminiscent of an old dance hall in the days of bootleggers and speakeasys.

And in the show's finale, in what may have been the most technically impressive and most visually stunning performance, the quartet of Bayley Coberly, Sira Olivia Edwards, Cora Lindberg and Marisa Loya performed the choreography of Maddie Keefe in the piece "In Love With The Wrong World," set to the song "Blinding" by Florence & The Machine. The piece featured the four dancers in front of a makeshift wall in the center of the stage, and in combination with the changes in lighting and the mood of the music, the performers created a sensory experience filled with emotion, passion and technical precision that left the audience spellbound.

By the end of the show, the entire ensemble received a standing ovation and the outgoing seniors received their well-deserved recognition for their hard work and dedication in putting together an altogether spectacular show.

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