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Woods Valley Men's Club Tournament results

September 02, 2013
Woods Valley Men's Club

August 28 Low Net/Low Gross Tournament Results

CTPs: Chris Igleman (3,16) Wes Mayer (8)

Mark Acosta (13)

Flt-1 Skins: (up to 14.7) Bob Dickerson (4) Wes Mayer (5)

Jack Howard (8) Don Rose (11)

Mark Acosta (13)

Flt-2 Skins: (Above 14.7) Chris Larkin (1) Loree Burley (3)

Richard Weber (4) Harry Sacks (18)

Flight-1 (up to 14.7) Players SCORE

1st Gross Mark Acosta 67

2nd Gross Chris Igelman 72

3rd Gross Alan Ortiz 81

4th Gross Bob Dickerson 81

1st Net Ken Valenzano 62

2nd Net Bob Franck 67

3rd Net Jerry Vetack, Jr. 69

4th Net Bill Knutson 69

5th Net Larry Serafin 70

6th Net Art Branstine 70

Flight-2 (Above 14.7) Players SCORE

1st Gross Christi Marshall 87

2nd Gross John Uelses 90

3rd Gross Mark Jackson 90

4th Gross Augie Carniglia 94

1st Net Gerry Vetack, Sr. 70

2nd Net Bill Chesley 71

3rd Net Harry Sacks 72

4th Net Loree Burley 75

5th Net Richard Hart 76

6th Net Jackie Gold 76

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