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Jaguars quash Orange Glen in water polo

Photo by Dan Kidder / Valley Roadrunner
October 07, 2013
In a game that featured a lot of goals from Jaguars who aren't the usual suspects, the Valley Center varsity boys water polo team kicked off league play with a 17–1 win over Orange Glen at Adams Park on Wednesday.

The Jags took advantage of their deep bench and made sure everybody got plenty of playing time, as nine different players scored at least once, and five players scored at least twice.

Valley Center had a solid start, scoring nine goals and keeping the Patriots off the board. The Jaguars slowed things down in the second quarter, but still scored three times to lead 12-0 at halftime.

Orange Glen scored its lone goal in the third, but the Jags added four more of their own in the period.

Valley Center finished off the game with one more goal in the fourth to seal the big win.

Tony Oreb had three goals, one assist, and two steals. Jacob Banner had three goals, two assists, one steal, and one exclusion. Nathan Leader had two goals, two assists, and one block. Jared Schaner had two goals, four assists, four steals, one block, and four exclusions. Ryan Semon had two goals, one assist, three steals, one block. Will Russell had two goals. Paul Schaner had one goal, one assist, two steals, and one exclusion. Jared Trok had one goal, and one steal. Brock Daugherty had one goal, one assist. Gavin Marcon had 14 goal saves.

Next up for the Jags is a match against Santa Fe Christian at the Solana Beach Boys & Girls Club on Friday at 7:45 p.m.

Correction: The article originally stated that the Jaguars won 17-0 but the final score was in fact 17-1. The headline, which originally stated 'Jaguars blank Orange Glen in water polo' has also been amended to reflect this.

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    Orange Glen
    October 09, 2013 | 01:43 PM

    Title says 'Jaguars blank Orange Glen in water polo' but in the article it says 'Orange Glen scored its lone goal in the third, but the Jags added four more of their own in the period.' So what was the actual score then?

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