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Faith in the right government

October 16, 2013
Editor's note: The Valley Roadrunner has opened up the religious column so that all Valley Center clergy members can take a turn sharing the Word in their own way. This week, Pastor Bill Trok of Ridgeview Church shares his interpretation of government and the Word of the Lord. For more information on Ridgeview Church visit www.ridgeviewchurch.org. To take part in the religious forum, contact Managing Editor Kim Harris at editor@valleycenter.com.

Pastor Bill Trok, Ridgeview Church
You may be a citizen of a shuttered government, but those who "fix their hope completely on the grace to be brought to them in Jesus Christ" (1Peter 1:13) understand that their primary "citizenship is with the government of heaven which never will never shut down because it is ruled by the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, for whom we eagerly await" (Philippians 3:20).

When He returns, the fickle governments of this world will be closed for good, permanently replaced by a benevolent, all-powerful, fully competent king who will establish peace, prosperity and everything else that the nations of this earth vainly strive to achieve.

In the meantime, exercise the rights and privileges of your dual citizenship, but let the hope of your faith inform your face …

Happy Day!

Pastor Bill

Ridgeview Church

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