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Jags celebrate senior night with another water polo win

The VCHS water polo seniors, from left to right, are Will Russell, David Trok, Luke Marshall, Paul Schaner and Gavin Marcon. Coach Kyle Kline is in the center.
October 28, 2013
The Valley Center varsity boys water polo team has been tearing through the schedule this month, and the Jaguars added another pair of wins, including a big victory on senior night.

The Jags took on the Ramona Bulldogs, Wednesday at Ramona and held strong down the stretch to take a 15–10 win.

The Jaguars had a good start earning three goals allowing one. The Jags were able to earn four more goals in the second allowing two to lead 7–3 at half. Both teams were able to earn three goals each in the third giving the Jaguars a 10– 6 advantage heading into the fourth. The Jags were able to control the game in the fourth earning five goals allowing four to take the win.

"The guys did a great job in a difficult pool. We were able to capitalize on some defensive breakdowns and control the game from the beginning," said head coach Kyle Kline.

Paul Schaner had a big game with four goals, three assists, three steals, two blocks, exclusions, and one penalty shots. Luke Marshall had a big game with four goals, three assists, two steals, one block, and one exclusion. David Trok had a big game with four goals, three assists, two blocks, one exclusion. Jared Schaner had one goal, one assist, and one steal. Will Russell had one goal, and one steal. Brock Daugherty had one goal, one assist, one block, and two exclusions.

Then on Thursday, the Jaguars returned home to take on Escondido at Adams Park and celebrate senior night.

The team honored its seniors — Paul Schaner (team captain), Luke Marshall (team captain), David Trok, Gavin Marcon and Will Russell — in front of a proud, enthusiastic crowd before the game began.

Once it did, the Jags jumped out to a quick lead with five goals scored and only three allowed in the first quarter. VC had a solid quarter shooting in the deep end to score six goals and allow none to lead 11–3 at halftime.

The Jaguars earned two goals in the third allowing four to lead 13–7 heading into the fourth. The Jags put away five more goals in the fourth allowing two to take an 18–9 win.

"It was great that we had a such great turnout from fans," Coach Kline said. "Thank you all who came out to support our guys at their last home game!"

Paul Schaner had four goals, one assist, three steals, one exclusion, and one penalty shot. Luke Marshall had four goals, three assists, four steals. Will Russell had three goals, four assists, one steal. Brock Daugherty had two goals, three steals, and one exclusion. Jared Schaner had two goals, and two exclusions. Gavin Marcon had two goals. David Trok had one goal, four assists, three steals, and one exclusion. Jared Trok had one assist. Tim Sheehy had two steals, and one block. Nathan Leader had one steal and one exclusion. Gavin Marcon had ten goal saves, three assists, and three steals.

The Jaguars are playing in the San Diego Open Tournament this week, which continues today, Friday and Saturday. The Jags then play at Santana on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

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