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Stehly sweeps first singles, but loses to San Pasqual

Billy Mayer picked up two wins in second singles against San Pasqual last week.
March 19, 2014
Freshman Joe Stehly has been outstanding so far this year for the Valley Center varsity boys tennis team, and he continued his excellent play by sweeping first singles in last Tuesday's match against San Pasqual.

Unfortunately, the Jaguars couldn't capitalize and suffered a 13–5 loss.

Stehly picked up three points for his team with his three wins (6–1, 6–1, 6–0), while Billy Mayer picked up two more wins in second singles (1–6, 7–6 [7–5], 7–6 [7–3]). Jonathan Glassell played third singles for the Jaguars and took three losses (1–6, 2–6, 5–7).

The Jags couldn't pick up a win in doubles, as Fernando Ramirez and Michael Stine played first doubles (4–6, 4–6, 4–6), Brian Morningstar and Tyus Ashworth played second doubles (2–6, 0–6, 0–6) and Alex Nichols and Michael Carvajal played third doubles (0–6, 0–6, 1–6).

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