Saturday, October 10, 2015 • 03:54

Jaguar's lacrosse defeats Chula Vista's Hilltop High

A second quarter mad scramble for the ball ensues as Hilltop High makes a valiant effort to score. Saturday evenings final game score was Jags 16, Hilltop High 1.
April 16, 2014
Valley Center High School boy's varsity lacrosse picked up another win over Chula Vista's Hilltop High last week.

The Jaguars hosted the Saturday night game and Valley Center fans found the Jags taking advantage of their aggressive playing style. Hilltop High never stopped in their efforts to score against the Jaguars, but had little success.

Determined to win, the Jags defeated Hilltop High 16-1. The next challenge for the Jaguars will be when they play Escondido's Del Lago Academy Firebirds. Stay tuned to the RoadRunner for the results and game highlights.

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