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Fight fans look forward to Trout V. Dawson at Pechanga

August 13, 2014
Summer vacation is just about over and the Jaguars are preparing for another year of academic studies – and football.

Coach Rob Gilster, his coaching staff, and a total of 42 members of this year's Jaguar football team have been putting in the hard work and training in order to ensure a successful season for the Valley Center High Jaguars.

"The world may have soccer, but we Americans have football," Coach Gilster said. "Football is an American game. It encompasses all the qualities that make this country great – hard work, loyalty, teamwork, discipline, fair play, good sportsmanship, faith in one another, and a belief in a common goal."

This season will be challenging for the Jaguars. The training is grueling and there are new guidelines that have been established for the safety of the players.

"Safety of our team members is the single most important thing we have to focus on," Gilster said. "We will make sure our players adhere to the new safety guidelines."

"These kids work hard in weight training, strength training, positions, learning plays, both defensively and offensively, and learning to act as one team," Glister continued. "This means you have to sacrifice as an individual for the greater good of the team. We are very fortunate to have a great coaching staff, a superb and supportive administration, as well as a community that takes an active interest in its youth."

Many of our competitor's parents and coaches have made the comment that it is incredible how such a small community can produce such great athletes. Valley Center is indeed a small community, but a very active one that nurtures its youth and supports them by taking an active interest in their sporting activities by attending their games.

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