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Holiday cheer inspires young entrepreneur

Rylee Foynes paints snowmen on the window of a local business. Photo by Michael Crane
December 03, 2013
Artists usually have a hard time turning a profit in today's world, but one Valley Center eighth grader has devised a festive plan to do just that.

Although she has loved drawing for many years now, this holiday season Rylee Foynes will be putting her skills to work by painting Christmas scenes on the windows of businesses around town. Foynes, along with 34 other students in the Associated Student Body (ASB) of Valley Center Middle School, has been invited to attend the California Association of Student Leaders (CASL) Conference in Ontario, Calif. However, she needs to raise $325 by January to cover the cost of the stay for her and her mother.

"I was just driving around town and I figured I needed a way to raise money to attend my ASB leadership conference in March, so I saw the County Junction window paintings up, and I said, 'Hey, why not?'" said Foynes. "It was a genius idea right in front of my face."

Foynes charges between $20 and $60 for her artwork, depending on the size and number of windows. So far at least six businesses have signed up, with many others expressing interest. Foynes parents, Roger and Kymberlee, chauffeur her from business to business.

All 35 of the ASB students who were selected to attend the CASL Conference have to come up with their own way to cover the cost of the trip. The conference offers middle school students the opportunity to break out of their shell and express themselves, not to mention it looks good on those college applications.

"At the conference we learn a whole bunch of leadership skills, how to present yourself in front of a business, how to speak in front of crowds, all the stuff I probably couldn't do right now," said Foynes. Undoubtedly, Foynes' window painting business will also cultivate her growth as a leader. She's already mastered the entrepreneurial spirit.

"Maybe if I get a little tip I might clean up when the season's over," said Foynes. To learn more or to book your window scene, call 760-751-2516.

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