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Cal Fire knocks down Lilac fire quickly

May 08, 2013
It took about an hour for Cal Fire to knock down an old grove fire on Friday morning that burned slightly more than three acres on Sierra Rojo & Stonegate.

The fire produced lots of black smoke, so residents and staff and students at the nearby Lilac Elementary School took notice.

Terry Cottrell, a property manager who lives in the area, told The Roadrunner, " "They were there is a jiffy. If they hadn't gotten t it right away, I was in the direction of the wind. The smoke was coming directly over our house and set off our neighbor's smoke Alarm. So I was sweating bullets."

According to Cal Fire Capt. Jose Galliano no structures were threatened and damage was limited to 3.1 acres, although initial reports had it larger. However, Engineer Jason Rainey said he walked out the burned acreage with a GPS and came up with 3.1 acres.

Six fire engines and two aircraft, including a helicopter and one tanker, responded to the incident. Firefighters from Valley Center, Rincon, Del Dios and San Marcos, 30 in all, participated.

The cause of the fire was a homeowner doing work with a grinder, which created sparks that grew into a blaze.

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