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Consumer fireworks are illegal!

July 02, 2013
All consumer fireworks are illegal in the County of San Diego. That includes sparklers, firecrackers, cherry bombs, bottle rockets and even poppers.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says there is no safe way to use consumer fireworks. According to NFPA research, there are far more U.S. fires reported on a typical Independence Day than on any other day, and fireworks account for more than half of those fires, more than any other cause of fires. In 2008, fireworks caused an estimated 22,500 reported fires, including 1,400 structure fires, 500 vehicle fires, and 20,600 outside, among other fires. These fires resulted in an estimated $42 million in direct property damage.

The only safe and legal way to see fireworks is at a sanctioned public display.

Illegal fireworks will cause a fire and we all know what any fire means in San Diego County during the hot summer months.

Report fireworks activity to the San Diego Sherriff as soon as you hear or see them.

They are not safe, they are not legal and they are not ok.

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    Article: Consumer Fireworks are Illegal
    July 04, 2013 | 02:00 PM

    Dear Sir or Ma'am,
    Talk about a way to spread fear through a media outlet. The subject article is trying to do just that. I grew up in the Mid-West were all fireworks were legal. I grew up shooting firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles, etc, etc, etc. You name it I've probably shot and yet I am still alive, I still have all my fingers and toes and they never hurt anyone. Millions of Americans do this every 4th of July and live to talk about it the next day. How you can release such a piece saying they are not safe? Saying they are not okay? This appears to to a very biased, un-researched statement in regards to fireworks. There was a lot of blood shed for the U.S. to gain it's independence and this, as a tradition, is part of that celebration. Everything is safe or can be safe if done properly and within the guidelines set forth by the rules or regulations regarding them. Yes, I fully understand why they are not legal in San Diego county due to the fire hazard and that is more than understandable. However, to make fireworks sound like they are the most dangerous thing in the world is just absurd! Thank you for your time and Happy 4th of July!

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