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Library parking lot is deteriorating before our eyes

Careless drivers have taken their toll on the library parking lot.
July 17, 2013
Although it is not yet a disaster zone, the parking lot of the Valley Center Library looks like a battleground.

Over the years library patrons (county officials like to call them "customers") have mowed down parking lot lampposts and disabled parking signs with their vehicles. A minimum of four lampposts have been completely sheared off at the base by negligent drivers. Others show the evidence of bumper dings and it's only a matter of time before they succumb to fate.

About two years ago the County sent out construction workers to install yellow painted, steel post barriers to protect the lampposts, but the library "customers" ran right over those too.

Today some barriers are being held up by the remaining lampposts, while others have disappeared altogether. The only evidence of the missing barriers that remains is broken up concrete, the result of the barriers' base bolts ripping out of the cement when the barriers were run over by cars which caused the disintegration of the cement.

Some orange safety cones have been placed around the rubble presumably to alert "customers" of potentially hazardous debris.

A quick walk around the grounds reveals a lamppost bone yard or burial ground. An anonymous caretaker has undertaken to ditch the 14-foot long lampposts, complete with lights and lenses, in the bushes where they will probably remain for an undisclosed period of time. In one case two of the giant lampposts are stacked one atop the other.

Of the lampposts that remain standing, half of the bulbs are burned out. It appears that County officials have sent electricians out periodically to deal with bare wires in the bases, but currently there is one base at the East end of the parking lot with exposed wires.

One library "customer" The Roadrunner ran into during the research of this story, opined that this "boondoggle can be attributed to poor design. The lamp posts should have been mounted on three-foot tall concrete footings in the first place, mounts that could withstand even the stringent test of the Valley Center taxpayers (customers)."

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