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Molly's column

September 22, 2013
Hi! This is Molly! How are you today? If you are a student reading this, how is school going?

At my school, Valley Center Elementary, we had our first assembly! It was for gift wrap. This is a fundraiser that we sell stuff from a catalog to people we know. Gift Wrap is always our first assembly.

We are finishing up decimals. We are also learning how to multiply into the millions.

I assume we will be having trimester 1 benchmarks soon. I feel ready but also nervous because I really want Principal's Award.

We started target reading a couple weeks ago. Sorry I did not tell you sooner but I kind of forgot, sorry. I am in Miss. Ackerman's class and we are reading From the Mixed up Files of Miss. Bassily. So far I would give the book five stars out of five.

The book is about two young children who are tired of living with only a 25 cent allowance and a lot of chores. They also lived "way back then'' so 25 cents is more than it is now. Anyways they felt like they did not get as much respect as their other brothers. So they decided to run away. I highly recommend this book to people who like to read about kids running away and adventures.

''So far, so good'', as I told you last article that I am chicken sitting for friends. We are getting a very good amount of eggs each day. Sometimes the egg amount is in a pattern. For a few days I was collecting 7 eggs then 5 eggs, 7 eggs then 5 eggs, then 7 eggs then it went to 6 and 8 eggs.

Interesting fact: did you know the US has between 60,000-80,000 wildfires per year and burns up to 6-10 million acres? Whoa that is a lot!

My cousin, Trenton, is staying with us for the next few days while his parents are on vacation. It's so funny when you have a conversation with him. He is only two years old. He talks well and says "dinosaur" really well.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it.

Beep, beep, I'm a running Roadrunner writing all day!

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