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Molly's Column, Oct. 2

September 30, 2013
Hi! This is molly. How did your week go? My week went great.

This week I interviewed my teacher, Mrs. Contreras. At lunch we sat down at my desk and these are the questions I asked her: "What subject does our class need to work on the most?" Mrs. Contreras said, "Science because in 5th grade we will be tested on Earth, Life and Physical Science on the CST (California State Tests)." We start the CST in 2nd grade but we have never been tested on Science.

"What do you like to do outside of school?"

"I like to go kayaking, bake, and camping."

"What's your favorite subject to teach?" Mrs. Contreras said, "I think Math is easy to teach because there are lots of connections to life."

"How many years have you been teaching?" 10 years.

"What character trait does our class need to work on?"

"Learning how to filter so many recourses and inputs that we have available. Technology has so many choices to get information from that sometimes it is overwhelming. It is sometimes exciting to learn how to site our resources."

It turns out that we have a lot of the same hobbies and similarities of things we like to do over the summer. Thank you, Mrs. Contreras.

I learned that I need to do follow up questions when I interview people and to be more descriptive and ask for examples.

Nothing much happened in school. We learned how to multiply decimals. We also got to take home our ipads. I love taking home ipads because you get to learn while having fun.

This weekend we had sports, sports, and sports. My sister, Madeline, fractured her elbow and now she is in a cast. Say a prayer for her. FYI, her cast is red.

My goal this week is to get 90 percent to 100 percent on my pop quizzes. My teacher awarded me with the respectful award. Getting this award means a lot to me because it means that you are not rude and you talk nicely.

I hope that when I am in college and I get a mini job that I can get a job as a teacher's aide and help little kids. I still want to be a farm vet and live on a farm.

Beep, beep I'm a running roadrunner, writing all day!

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