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Time flies when you're having fun

October 16, 2013
It's hard for me to believe we are fast approaching Halloween; it seems like yesterday that I was beating the heat of summer at the beach or poolside at my house. Now I'm wearing wool pants and sweaters in the morning when I leave for work, shedding layers as the temperature fluctuates from the 48-degrees we see in the early morning hours to the 82-degree highs we hit in the afternoon.

I took my kids shopping for new jackets on Sunday after church. When we returned home around suppertime, we were amazed at how our neighborhood had morphed into a Halloween haven. It seems in our absence all of our neighbors had pulled out all the stops to entice those tiny children in their adorable costumes to brave a front porch decked out to look like something from Transylvania or somewhere equally scary. It seemed like the only house on the block that didn't resemble a house of horrors was mine.

Seeing the neighborhood all decked out in the spirit of Halloween, and seeing our house with nothing but a beach chair and boogie board on the front porch left out after one of our many trips to the beach, caused my children great distress. They ran into the house, dropped their bags full of warm jackets, Levis and long-sleeved shirts and made a beeline for the garage. They hauled all of the Rubbermaid totes full of Halloween goodies down from the rafters and began to frantically decorate the yard.

A few short hours later, our humble home once again fit in with the rest of the neighborhood. A hodgepodge of scarecrows, ghosts and other scary things adorn my porch. The giant inflatable spider that I abhor now sits in my front yard, beckoning would-be trick-or-treaters who pass by my house on their way to and from school every day.

As I sat back and admired our own personal Zombieland, shivering in the chilly night air, I only longed for summer for the briefest of moments. Yes, it seems that time does fly when you are having fun, but when I saw the proud looks of my children's faces as they admired their handiwork creating their Halloween Haven, I realized that I wouldn't have it any other way.

I flashed back to those Halloweens past and saw my own children's faces as they donned their costumes eager to see what kind of a show the neighbors put on for them. As I reminisced it occurred to me that instead of being Snow White, a ninja or even an ostrich and raiding the neighborhood for candy, my husband, these mini-adults and I are now building different kinds of memories.

Two weeks from tonight, my children's efforts will give the younger trick-or-treaters something to remember and hopefully one day a foundation for building those memories with families of their own. All in all, this wasn't a bad realization for someone standing next to an 8-feet tall inflatable spider.

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