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The Jaguars' Spot, Oct. 24

Alina Gonzalez
October 27, 2013
My freshman year I was ecstatic to meet a teacher that recognized my acting ability and was even more excited when he told me that I was exactly what they needed in the industry, followed by the words: "a five pound overweight Latina."

As funny and as true as those words were, it only fueled a higher drive to excel in theatre. That same year I was inducted into the International Thespian Society Troupe #6199 and entered a world full of wondrous acting adventures.

The reason I bring this up, Jags, is because drama and drama club do two competitions a year and their first is this weekend at Mission Viejo High School.

Roll About is a fun competition with many different categories including some really neat ones like original monologues and songs. This year, about ten students are heading up to go showcase their acting abilities in areas such as monologues, songs and scenes. They'll be competing against many other schools in hopes of bringing home the win.

All the years I've gone during my high school career we've never placed at Roll About (but we have come close!), and this year I hope to change that.

The students have been working and putting many hours into their pieces to perfect them, we even got judged during class to see how close we fit to a perfect score from a judge.

My bets are on JoAnna Brown who won second place her sophomore year at Fullerton (the larger of the competitions we do). She is taking a stellar comedic monologue and song for competition that will hopefully defeat Chaparral in the finals. Others attending are Caitlin Appolitio and Alexandra Baum with a killer spy school scene, and the wonderful Isabel Oraha and Nicole Padget, both with amazing performances.

My personal favorite category (and the one I always compete in at Roll About) is the Original Monologue. This year I wrote a very comedic piece titled How Not To Hit On Guys about a nervous girl trying to talk to her crush via Facebook. It's very relatable in the current technological age.

But aside from competing and trying your best to out act the person before you, these competitions give a great sense of belonging and joy.

I can't even begin to count how many amazing people and new friends I've made at competitions. Or how it can turn from sudden silence to a giant fifty-kid game of Jigalo.

Acting competitions became a second home tied with the stage and one thing I always looked forward to during the school year. It taught be that some great bonds can be made over an overdone monologue, and that some people bring entire schools for support while others are barely funded. That there are so many undiscovered talented actors and that sometimes these actors are those you'd least expect to act (take for example star football players from the past like Torrey Denver and Martin Cunningham who joined drama their seniors years).

Competitions aren't just a time to give it your all, it's a time to bond with fellow thespians and come together with the great spirit of the arts.

My freshman year I went from that five-pound overweight Latina to a confident and eccentric actress in my senior year and I attribute it all to the branching out experiences that competitions gave me.

So good luck this weekend, drama Jags! And the rest of y'all, you all have something you love and excel in. For some it's football, others chemistry, and even others history or language arts. Whatever you enjoy doing, do it well Jags and do it however much you can, making it worth your while. To my fellow thespians competing on Saturday, break a leg and beat Chaparral!

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