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Molly's column

Molly Davis
October 27, 2013
Hey folks! This is Molly. How was your weekend? How was your half day Roadrunner student? I hope you set your goals I told you about last article. Well, I guess we should talk about school …

In class we took our two Benchmark Tests. This year we took it on our iPads. I did pretty well. It seems like since we have been doing the tests on the iPads students are not doing too great. I should also tell you that these tests do NOT go on your report card. Nor does it depend whether or not you get Honor Roll or Principals Award. It just tells the teachers what subject and area in the subjects we need to work on.

This year movie night was a hit. It was also not at the elementary school it was at the primary school. So if you went … did you like movie night … Did you enjoy it … and finally should T.P.C (Teacher Parent Club) keep doing movie night?

Over the weekend I had two softball games (we won one and we lost one). My brother had a flag football game he also won that game. His flag football team has won all their games except for one. GO ATTACKING JAGUARS!!!!!!!

My sister Madeline got her cast off last week. Her cast smelt bad. NEVER SMELL A GIRL'S CAST ON PURPOSE. You just learned a new life lesson. Madeline is happy and trying to get her arm strength back.

A couple weeks ago my family got 13 baby chicks from Armstrong's Feed. They are so cute and once you lay your eyes on them you can't keep your eyes from staring. They also do not leave a chick behind. We also got three new fish, "Boggles" — mine, "Spots" —Luke's, "Blup-Blup" — Olivia's, and "Goldie" which is Madeline's. "Boggles" has big bogey eyes and is black and chubby, "Blup-Blup" is a baby goldfish with spots on it, "Spots" is a goldfish with multi-colored spots on it, and "Goldie" is just a plain old goldfish.

My goal this week is to be the "dig-a-bomb-digity" at my softball games next Sunday.

Beep Beep I'm a running Roadrunner writing all day!

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