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Valley Center Rotary Students of the Month

October 28, 2013


























Maria Alvarado

7th Grade Rotary Student of the Month

Valley Center Middle School

Maria Alvarado is a student with Mrs. Striblen, Mrs. Flesher, Mrs. Mixon,

and Mrs. Collins. She has been chosen by her teachers to represent the seventh

grade as Student of the Month. Since the beginning of school in September,

Maria has been a highly conscientious student. She sets a high standard for

herself and is always highly prepared, organized and positive.

Maria is a consistently active student, participating in class frequently and

helping other students in class achieve. Maria is a positive role model who

exudes warmth and kindness that allows others to feel instantly comfortable in

her presence. She is the first person to smile and say hello upon entering class,

and the never forgets to give a hug to her teachers and tell them she hopes they

have a great day. Maria is always willing to help others and is a leader both in

the classroom and out on campus, encouraging her peers to give their best effort

and do the right thing. Not only does Maria help others in her classes and on our

school campus, but she also helps the teachers at her church on Saturdays.

Maria has aspirations of going to college and pursuing a career in nursing

because she wants to "help others". She enjoys reading in her spare time and

studying. Maria loves to learn and loves being in A.V.I.D. because it's helping

her prepare for college. Her goal this year is to earn principal's award for straight

A's in all of her classes and to make her parents, Maria and Samuel, proud and

be a role model for her younger brother.

Maria is receiving this award because she is an outstanding student and a

treasure to have in class, on campus, and in the community. It is inspiring to

have a such a wonderful student like Maria as our Student of the Month. Her

teachers wish her great luck throughout her future! Congratulations, Maria!

Christopher Hoff

8th Grade Rotary Student of the Month

Valley Center Middle School

I have had Christopher Hoff in my Agricultural Class for two years. He has

been an indispensable asset to the Thunder Hawk Farm. Chris is eager to learn

all aspects of agriculture. He is self-motivated and has a drive to do well. He

listens to instruction and follows them to the "T". With that said, Chris is also

willing to share ideas on how to accomplish any certain task.

Christopher lives in Valley Center with his Mother and Father, two sisters

and one brother. Chris is active in his church, the Church of Latter Day Saints.

He plans on going on a two-year mission after graduating from high school. He is

an active Boy Scout and is planning on becoming an Eagle Scout. I am sure we

can look forward to a great Eagle Scout project. His plan is to attend BYU


Chris has excelled academically at Valley Center Middle School. His

favorite subjects are Algebra, History and Agriculture. His hobbies are building

things and drawing.

Chris continues to impress me with his excellent work ethics. He is

punctual and participates throughout the entire class. He is respectful towards his

teachers and fellow classmates. He leads by example and is always willing to

help wherever he is needed. Chris is currently our poultry guy. He enjoys

gathering eggs and feeding the chickens and turkeys. I am not so sure that he

enjoys cleaning the pens but he never complains.

Chris is doing great both academically and technically in our Agriculture

Program. It is with great pleasure and honor, that I nominate Christopher Hoff for

the Valley Center Rotary Club Student of the Month.


Camille Martineau

Kassandra Jimenez

9th grade Rotary Student of the Month

Nominated by Jerry Fenton

Hello, my name is Kassandra Jimenez and I'm fourteen years old. I'm a freshman at

Valley Center High School and it's my second year living in Valley Center. I have a

family of nine which consists of my dad, mom, step-dad, and five siblings. This year, I

am taking pre-AP English, medical biology, geometry, ASL, dance, and PE. Pre-AP

English is a pre advanced placement English class. Also, I just currently joined a club

named HOSA. Just like medical biology, HOSA is a medical career pathway course. A

medical career pathway course helps you get a head start in high school if you want to

major in a medical career. So, instead of taking regular science classes, you can take

medical courses in high school. In the future, I plan to be a pediatric surgeon with a

double major in psychology. As for college, I wish to go to UC Berkeley or if I can,

Stanford University. I will make my future plans come true by studying and working hard

in high school. I believe that if i push myself hard enough I will be successful and my

future plans will become reality.

Jordan Beck

10th Grade Rotary Student of the Month

Nominated by Jeff Beck

Hi, my name is Jordan Beck and I'm a sophomore at Valley Center High School. My

mom is the choir teacher at Valley Center High School and my dad is the band teacher. I

also have one little brother named Brendan. Brendan and I both play trumpet. I also play

drums and he plays bass. I also play on the JV football team, that and band keep me very

busy. I also go to St. Stephens Catholic Church and I'm getting confirmed this year. I'm

not sure what I want my career to be but I've been thinking about going to San Diego


Mckenna Barron

11th Grade Rotary Student of the Month

Nominated by Susana Cook & Laralee Beck

My name is McKenna Barron. I am 16 years old, and I am

a junior at Valley Center High School. I have lived in Valley

Center my entire life with my parents and older brother.

I feel so blessed to call Valley Center my home. I love my

school. My favorite classes are choir, English, and leadership. I

enjoy singing, acting, and doing stand-up comedy. When time

permits I love spending time riding my horse. I am currently

raising money for my third trip to Swaziland which is a small

country in southern Africa. I have a place in my heart for the

thousands of children that have been orphaned in that country.

Nothing does a heart better then helping others.

Although I'm not sure yet what career path I will choose,

my dream school would be Julliard, and my dream job would be

performing on Broadway with summers off to help restore the

hearts of children in Swaziland.

Thank you for the opportunity of receiving the award of

student of the month, thank you Rotary club for encouraging our

community's youth to be the best we can be. God bless you all.

Sofia Aguilar

12th Grade Rotary Student of the Month

Nominated by Mickey Chew

Hello, my name is Sofi Aguilar, I am 16 years old and I live with both my parents Maria

and Juan and my two brothers. I have lived in Valley Center for 11 years now. I am

currently a senior and am taking: economics, physiology, pre-calculus, AP English

Language and Composition in addition to being a teacher's aide. I recently began getting

more involved in school activities by joining clubs. This year I joined our schools spirit

club and the newly formed blood drive club where I will be recruiting blood donors as

well as donating blood myself. In addition to participating in these clubs, I along with my

friend, formed the Anime Club which will be meeting as part of our after school

enrichment program. I am currently the president of this club and am very excited to be

leading it. After high school I plan on attending college (hopefully UC Santa Cruz or San

Francisco State University) and receiving a Ph.D. in women's studies. With this Ph.D. I

hope to work in human resources, social work, or social services.

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