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Molly's Column

Molly Davis
October 31, 2013
Hi this is molly! How are you today? This week we are going to talk about, school, flag fest, soft ball, and goals …

At school we have been working on double digit division. Examples: 45 divided by 4,858 = 107 remainder 33. In class we took baby steps. Meaning we started off with 1 digit division, now we are working on 3 digit division. In Language Arts we are learning multiple things such as always capitalizing cultures like English, German, Swedish, Spanish, and so on. I mean did you know you had to capitalize culture? I didn't until this week. Thank goodness I know that.

This week is Parent Conferences. If you have not scheduled your appointment with your child's teacher then please do so now. Parent Conference is when your teacher talks to your parent about your behavior, what you need to improve on and what level you are at right now. They also talk about your good qualities too.

Also at Valley Center Elementary all the 5th graders took a field trip to Mira Costa College. It was so wonderful, encouraging, and fun. We went to two classrooms where we learned about plants and mechanics. When we went to the mechanics place he showed us how a few things worked and we even got to walk under a car. When we went to the plants place we even got to keep a plant. We saw and learned about plant cells and even looked at plant cells. We saw bugs as small as a baby ant through a microscope. And we learned about and saw Venus Fly Traps.

At our Ambassador meeting we worked in our groups and we learned how to teach respect to other students. We learned to speak loud, clearly and how to break-down what we are teaching so they can understand.

In softball we played our last 2 games that don't count. We won one and lost one. Next week we go into play offs and that counts. I cannot wait!!!

My brother had his last official game. He went to play offs but they call it Flag Fest. They only lost by 2 runs. GO JAGUARS!!! YOU'RE NUMBER 1!!!

Do not forget you have the Halloween carnival soon this week! It is Friday, Nov. 1 and at night time! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Be safe.

My goal this week is to read for more than 20 minutes per day for homework. What is your goal?

Beep, beep I'm a running Roadrunner writing all day!

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