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Declaring victory over violence

October 31, 2013
Bobby DeBozi shared his inspirational journey from gang member to peace coordinator at Celebration 4 Peace on Sunday. The event drew over 80 people of all ages to gather for music, food, art, good company, and an exhibit called Victory Over Violence, which explains some of the harmful and misunderstood causes of both physical and passive violence (acts such as teasing, criticizing, judging, or bullying).

DeBozi spoke about both the horrific influence of violence on his life as well the ennobling power of the peace organization. He shared how one peace ambassador turned his life around and "helped me to come to realize the inherent value of my life and the lives of others. That fundamental change in my life and understanding about myself deeply changed my perspective about everything in life."

Many nationalities were presents at the event, including people from Argentina, England, Holland, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Venezuela, and the Philippines. Sally Busby, one of the organizers and host of the party, hopes to make Celebration 4 Peace an annual event. For more information about Victory Over Violence, contact Dave at (760) 533-5929 or email

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