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Crossroads offering free holiday facelifts

November 26, 2013
If there's any time of year that can add a couple of extra lines to your face, it's the holidays. Between last minute shopping, school-free kids taking over the house, and seeing all of your relatives together in one place, this season presents a perfect recipe for stress.

James Rhinehart gives Sandy Trujillo a microcurrent cosmetic treatment. "It feels good, nice and relaxing," said Trujillo. Photo by Michael Crane / Valley Roadrunner
However, Crossroads Holistic Health Center has just the treatment to keep you looking your best. From now until Jan. 1, Crossroads is offering free consults and first treatments of their microcurrent cosmetic procedure. Developed by Beautiful Image Facial & Body

Sculpting, the non-invasive facial uses an electric current to tighten muscles and shrink pore size.

"We're stimulating what you already have, naturally," said James Rhinehart, Crossroads specialist in laser therapy, detoxification, and non-surgical face lifts. "You're getting back the muscles you have and improving the quality of your skin. Simple as that."

Any new patient who calls between now and the New Year is welcome to stop in for a free consult and first treatment, a $170 value. The entire session should last about an hour, with the treatment itself taking around 45 minutes.

"You don't feel anything. It just feels kind of like a massage," said Rhinehart, who has been performing microcurrent treatments for about a year. For the procedure, he dims the lights and turns on some relaxing classical music before applying a nourishing serum to the skin. He then applies the microcurrent wands to different areas of the face and neck. The procedure is so relaxing that many patients take a nap, and there are no negative side effects, according to Rhinehart.

Although many patients notice a difference after one treatment, it takes between six and ten treatments to train the facial muscles to stay in place. Rhinehart recommends patients come in each week for ten weeks, and then come back for a session every four to six weeks after that. Individual sessions cost $125, but there is a package deal of $1,000 for a full ten week course.

"Anyone from mid 30s on up is a great candidate for this," said Rhinehart. He even has patients as young as 20 come in to keep their skin fresh. "It's a Hollywood procedure. This is something if went to the Oscars, they call it the red-carpet treatment."

Unlike cosmetic surgery or more dramatic and costly treatments, there is no downtime or pain following a microcurrent procedure, according to Rhinehart.

"What I like about it is your skin looks nicer and you haven't really done anything. It's not like you've gone under the knife or you've had Botox," said Sandy Trujillo, who recently completed the full ten week procedure. "I'm not trying to stop aging completely, but I

like knowing I look the best I can with the help of this."

In addition to the microcurrent procedure, Crossroads Holistic Health Center also offers chiropractic healing, aqua chi detoxification, laser therapy, and many other homeopathic remedies. To book your free microcurrent treatment, call 760-751-2208.

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