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Jaguars' Spot, Dec. 12

Alina Gonzalez
December 12, 2013
In this holiday season the one thing we keep in mind is family.

But there are two types of family: the one you are born with and the one you create.

I'll have you admit that in high school I didn't try to add to my "family" of friends. I just mostly created superficial friendships and hung out with these people because I felt like they were the ones who could judge my worthiness of fitting in.

This caused me to have a difficult three years of high school.

I would be shunned or ignored or competed against from a group that I really didn't like. I had the same two friends I'd eat lunch with, but even then, sitting under a tree with my two "besties," I didn't feel like family.

It is true about what they say that most high school friendships won't last and you'll never see those people until a reunion; however, you sometimes find a hidden gem of a family when you least expect it.

Last Friday, I spent an incredible time with the cast members of Bang, Bang, You're Dead. I had done plays before in my high school years, but never felt a connection with the cast and it's sad to say that it took me until my senior year to figure out that I was hanging out with the wrong actors.

These kiddos had a warmth to them and, even through the darkness of the play, they could always make me smile or laugh or cry tears of joy backstage and at rehearsal. We'd stop and talk to each other when passing on campus and cracked the most incredible jokes at lunch.

Finally, I felt like I had met true friends. Finally, I created a family.

Jags, don't make the same mistake I made in high school. If the group of friends you're hanging out with right now isn't the best for you, find a new crew. The last thing you need distracting you from schoolwork are people who don't truly appreciate who you are.

Find your family in a group of friends who share the same interest, who laugh at the same jokes, who are ecstatic to be your friend, and who will never want to change a single thing about you.

Find your soul sister, your brother, your daughter or son, or even grandchild. Find your family that looks to you for support and trust and who truly make you feel related to them.

We might not always like the family we are born into but that's why, with friends, we can create the family which we always wanted.

Celebrate both your families this holiday season. Tell them how much you appreciate that they're there and how glad you are to have someone such as them in your life.

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