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Molly's Column

Molly Davis
January 27, 2014
Hi this is Molly! How are you today? Today we will talk about whale watching, my aunt that is visiting, 4-H and our goals.


Fifth grade adventures is what you MIGHT call it because at the Valley Center Elementary school the fifth graders got a visit from some whales. Yes, whales. This year of 2014 our local fifth graders had a field trip. WE WENT WHALE WATCHING! WE SAW MULTIPLE WHALES!

I will never ever forget the time when we saw the breeching of a whale which is quite rare to see. Also one of the marvelous sights to see was when the whales did "the wave" except with their tales! When you think of whale watching you should think of what a beautiful sight you will see and all the views not about the fact that you might get sea sick. Because before I went whale watching I did not think of all the beautiful sights I will see instead I got scared for nothing. I think this is the best field trip ever because all the views, whales, and also at the end having a good time playing on the playground with your friends.

Also this past week my cousin, Debbie, came for a visit. While she was over we went out to lunch a lot and just a grand old time going into town and playing our day by ear. Thank you Debbie for coming over for a visit. I had a marvelous time and I hope you did to.

Also this past week I had two 4-H meetings. One was a General Meeting and the other was a pig group meeting. For the original meeting we learned about livestock crime. For our pig meeting we went over pig parts, breeds, and breeders.

This week I want you to find 3 things to do around your house. Wether it is cleaning the house or cleaning outside. Remember to have a whale of a time while doing it.

Beep Beep, I'm a running Roadrunner writing all day.

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