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Molly's Column

January 31, 2014
Hi this is Molly! How are you doing this very evening? Today we will talk about school, sports and a quick Q and A.

Drum Roll please … because we received our progress reports at Valley Center Elementary! Why is it so important and exciting that we got our progress reports? Well so many students have improved so much! I can tell that we are going to have about 35 students who will be on Honor Roll….or more! Also it is important for us to have progress reports so that we can improve our grades before they are final. Once your grades are final they're out there for everyone in your future to review. So always try your best in class even if it is boring or hard. Things to remember if class is getting harder, ask your teacher for help. If you are getting bored in class with nothing to do you can read a book or ask for extra credit. Also the last thing is to have fun because that minute you just spent being bored, well you can never get that moment back.

Okay, so lately I have been on the ball fields. Softball season is starting back up again! My coaches are Coach Kathy, Jeral, Ryan and Dan. They are all great coaches. They were my coaches in winter ball. In fact, Coach Ryan works for the VCMWD. Hi Coach Ryan … you're a bomb-diggity coach!

I get asked 2 questions at school a lot so I thought I would answer those questions with a little Q and A.

Q How did you get started writing with the Roadrunner Newspaper?

A: In first grade the girl that used to write moved away. After school one day my teacher, Ms. Souther, asked my mom and I if I wanted to write. At first I had no idea what she was talking about until my mom explained it. So ever since first grade I have been writing. Oh sometimes it is challenging because there is not always a lot going on at school. That makes it hard to make something not going on into something interesting. I think it is fun to write even though it can be challenging. It is great experience and I hope to learn more about writing and to someday write a couple of books.

Q: What is CCD?

A: CCD is 1 and a half hour religious education at St. Stephen's Church. We go to church and learn the basics of our faith. CCD stands for Confraternity or Christian Doctrine.

This week for the Great Kindness Challenge we will focus on RESPECT this month. Respect means to me to not say bad words, use good manners, talk in a nice way and take care of things and people. Students in Room 25 don't forget projects are due this Friday!

Beep Beep I'm a running Roadrunner writing all day.

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