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Molly's Column

February 07, 2014
H i this is Molly! How are you doing today? Today we will talk about school, 4-H, and our weekly goals….let's get started… RING, RING, RING… "Hello, student speaking." "Hi, this is Sally Sue calling to find out what is going on in your class." "Well Sally Sue, in class we are learning geometry for math and just about everything in language arts." "Well, what did you learn in science?" "I learned about the digestive system in our bodies, did you know that the processes of digesting food begin when we start chewing our food Sally Sue?" "Wow, I didn't know that thank you!" "Okay, bye." Well that was my skit of what we learned over the week at school. We just finished the Great Kindness Challenge at school. But just because the challenge is over doesn't mean you hurry up and throw away the bookmark full of acts of kindness. Try to complete the acts of kindness on your bookmark 3 times during the year. My first favorite act of kindness from the bookmark was finding a new friend and inviting them to come and play with you. I like that one because it can help your school to not have any lonely students and that way each person has at least one friend. This week I had two 4-H meetings. The first meeting took place at Armstrong Feed & Supply. There I learned ear notching, pig showmanship, goat show and some basics about feed. Also, I participated in a free raffle and won a free bag of pig feed!!! Thank you Armstrong Feed for putting on this great show clinic! The second meeting took place at the goat leader's house and there I learned a lot about different breeders, showmanship, and a little on how your pen should be set up. So over all, I learned a lot… This week my goal is for me to find five things in life I cannot live without and then five things I want try in my life. You should try it too. The purpose of this goal is to help you find the best in your life. Also you should always try to set goals for yourself… Sorry this article was sort of small but you know there are some days were you just cannot think of any thing that really went on that was exciting so once again … SORRY BEEP BEEP I AM A RUNNING ROADRUNNER WRITING ALL DAY …

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