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VC Planning Group Agenda, Feb. 10

February 09, 2014
Valley Center Community Planning Group

PO Box 127 Valley Center CA 92082

Notice of Regular Meeting; Agenda February 10, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Valley Center Community Hall, 28246 Lilac Road, Valley Center, CA 92082

A. Roll Call

B. Pledge of Allegiance

C. Approval of Minutes for January 13 and 20, 2014

D. Public Communication/Open Forum

Members of the public may address the Planning Group on any topic not on the agenda. There is a three-minute time limit per speaker unless otherwise negotiated with the Chair. Planning Group cannot discuss or vote on topic but may place the item on a future agenda. Speakers are encouraged to complete a Request to Speak form prior to the start of the meeting.

5. E. Action items (VCCPG advisory vote may be taken on the following items). The agenda is available to members prior to regular meetings through email distribution and is also available for public review at the same time at the Valley Center Community Hall. Hardcopy documents for public review will also be made available at the regular meetings.

1) Discussion and Possible vote following a presentation by Kevin Johnston on County Staff Compromise Proposal to amend VC Community Plan (for 2015 bi-annual General Plan Cleanup Item) to allow potential Commercial Land Use Designation and Zoning re Abe Boulos one-acre parcel at 28522 Valley Center Road (southwest corner of VC and Canyon Roads); and APNs 127-222-10, 12, 13, 16, 17 on Nelson Way and APNs 185-12-13 and 185-123-05 Norwood Trust 2.4 acres and Harvest Farms 11.81 acres at Anthony Road (Rudolf). Backup documents can be found at:;

2) Discussion and possible vote on county staff proposal POD 13-014 Property Zoning Cleanup 2013: Sotoodeh parcel APN 1290400500 change from S88 Specific Plan (part of Lilac Ranch) to A70; and Norwood 1.5-acres APN 1851221300 at Anthony Road from A70 to C40 [as previously recommended by VCCPG. Staff report for Planning Commission 2/21/2014 found at (Rudolf)

3) Discussion and possible vote on Verizon, Aquacate Cell Phone tower project, PDS 2013-MUP-13-022, Owner is Brad Diskin at 15202 Aquacate Lane; Applicant is Verizon Wireless and contact person is Margie Sullivan, Agent for Verizon Wireless at 760-613-3488 or Verizon Wireless is proposing to install 12 antennas, 21 remote radio units, and I microwave dish antenna inside a new 35' faux water tank. The equipment necessary to operate the facility will be located in a proposed 12' x 22' concrete block building on a new concrete pad. Installation of an emergency generator will be placed inside a new concrete block wall enclosure. (Norwood),

4) Discussion and possible vote on item from the Mobility Sub-committee involving measures to ease congestion and delay along Fruitvale Road adjacent to Valley Center Elementary Lower and Upper Schools including a flashing beacon, improved signage, edge stripping with possible hash marks and red curbs 20 feet on both sides of school parking lot exit. (Jackson)

F. Group Business

1) Welcome to new member Jeana Boulos, BOS approval on January 28, 2014.(Smith)

2) Introduction of candidates for open seats on the VCCPG (Brisch)

3) Discussion and vote on proposal from the Tribal Liaison subcommittee to add a seventh member, Rich Wood. (Glavinic)

4) Comments by Rich Rudolf about Records Destruction guidelines as part of our Local Rules (Rudolf)

5) Conflict of Interest eDisclosure for San Diego County (Smith)

6) Approval of reimbursement for cost of Post Office Box Rental for 2014=$86.00. (Quinley)

7) Discussion of the San Diego Center for Civic Engagement Great Neighborhood Challenge with a $5,000 grant potential. Information at: (Smith)

8) Meeting Updates: Next VCCPG meeting: March 10, 2014

G. Adjournment

Subcommittees of the VCCPG

a. Mobility – (Mark Jackson, Chair).

b. Community Plan Update -- (Richard Rudolf, Chair).

c. Nominations – (Hans Britsch, Chair)

d. Northern Village – (Ann Quinley, Chair)

e. Parks & Rec. – (LaVonne Norwood-Johnson)

f. Southern Village - (Jon Vick, Chair)

g. Tribal Liaison – (Larry Glavinic, Chair)

h. Website – (Jeana Boulos, Chair)

i. Solar Projects (Oliver Smith, Chair)

j. Lilac Hills Ranch (Accretive) (Steve Hutchison, Chair)

Correspondence Received for the January meeting

1) Property Zoning Clean Up 2013; POD 13-014; List of draft property specific zoning changes that include various changes to property specific zoning to implement and maintain consistency with the General Plan Update. The items include property owner requests, oversights, omissions, error and split zoning revisions. (Rudolf)

2) Weston Towne Center at Cole Grace and Valley Center Roads. PDS2013-STP 13-029; Owner is Weston Valley Center LLC at 310-473-0040 and; Contact person is James Chagala at 760-751-2691 and Planning The project is a potential GPA, Specific Plan area for a mixed use town center. Approximately 83 acres of the Weston Town Center would be used for residential development at an average density of 7.10 dwelling units per acre. 529 residential units are planned and 10@ are proposed as duplex residences while 476 would be ingle family. About 17 acres of open space, park and/or trail areas are proposed. Main access to the commercial portion would be from Indian Creek Road off Valley Center Road. The project may be served by a sewage recycling plant proposed by Valley View Properties and operated by VCMWD. Included for review are an EIR proposal and a plan for placement of buildings in the commercial center. (Quinley)

3) Wright Second Dwelling Unit at 12471 Mirar de Valle Rd. PDS2014-AD-14-005. Owners are Craig and Julie Wright at 253-431-1237; Project Engineer is Pat Taylor as or 619-532-3159. The project is to convert the existing main house garage into a home entertainment room and to construct a new detached second dwelling unit with a 2-car garage. The proposed new second dwelling unit will be used to house elderly parents who have become ill. The new dwelling unit living area is 888sq.ft which is 35% of the main house living area. The project included only finish grading with far less than 200 cubic yards of cut and fill. Existing drainage patters remain unchanged. The project is on septic. (LaVenture)

4) Administrative permit for an oversized structure for the McGuire Game/Hobby Room at 31121 Stardust Lane PDS2014-AD-14-006. The project involves the construction of a 2 story, 2014 square foot structure on a 2.5 acre property. The structure will honor all building setback limits and comply with all zoning regulations and building codes. Owner is Dave McGuire at; Contact person is Dough Pedersen at (Britsch)

5) Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District Environmental Impact Report for a District Sports Field Project. Comments must be received by March 17,2014 and should be directed to Julie Macy Kimball, Chief Business Officer VCPUSD at 28751 Cole Grade Road, Valley Center 92082 or email comments to The project proposes a multi-use turn sports field in the southeastern quadrant of Cole Grade Road and VC School Road on a 1.9 acre site. (Rudolf)

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