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Molly's Column

February 13, 2014
Hi everyone! This Molly! How are you doing? Well, I am doing awesome. Guess what I learned how to spell awesome. Aw-e-some. They should totally make that into a song. Today we will learn about….school, reminders, seven fun facts about George W. Bush and our goals. Let's get started….

Okay in class we are going over geometry and some more research reports. We are learning about angles, use of a protractor and finding the missing letter. When I said we were doing some more research I meant we are doing a research report on presidents. I am writing about George W. Bush.

Okay fifth grade room 24 here is what we have due this week: Our 5 paragraphs on a President, graphing pictures and any missing assignments.

Seven fun facts about George W Bush. The very first fact is … he is cute. I do not think that we need to count that as a fact because pretty much everyone knows that. :) Fact one: His favorite sport to play when he was young was baseball. Now he just enjoys watching baseball and even playing some ball. Fact two: His dad is George Bush or even known as George H. W. Bush. His dad was the president before him. Fact three: The college he went to was Yale and nowadays Yale is very hard to get into because it is such a big collage in popularity and education. Fact four: After he went to Yale he joined the Air Force and I even believe he fought half of the time.

Fact five: He was president during 9/11 which is one of the biggest terrorist attacks known… wow what a big responsibility. Fact six: One of his nick names is "president of baseball" because one, he LOVED baseball. I think I already mentioned that, and he was the first president to hold a TBall game on their front lawn. Fact seven: As a kid he was very mischievous so one time he was caught painting a mustache on his face in music class. So maybe that is why mustaches' are in style. He was also a very responsible child in middle school and he was elected Class President. Way to go...

So those were some interesting facts about my President. Hope you enjoyed. I know there are a lot of lonely kids at our schools or in our town. Maybe we can try to sit with someone feeling lonely and get to know them. Maybe friendships will happen. Have a good week. Beep Beep I'm a running Roadrunner writing all day!

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