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Mobile Home Issues Committee to be dissolved

March 26, 2014
The county's Mobile Home Issues Committee is on the verge of being dissolved.

A 4-0 San Diego County Board of Supervisors vote March 11, with Ron Roberts in Washington, DC, approved the introduction and first reading of the ordinance to repeal the county Administrative Code article which established the Mobile Home Issues Committee.

The second reading and adoption is scheduled for April 15, and passage would result in a May 15 termination date for the committee.

"The mobile home issues advisory committee hasn't held a meeting in over two years. With the free mediation services that are now available to mobile home residents, saving $10,000 per year and eliminating this committee made sense," said Supervisor Bill Horn.

The Board of Supervisors created the Mobile Home Issues Committee in 1998 to provide a forum for discussion and resolution of mobile home-related issues. The Administrative Code article established a standing committee to provide advice and non-binding recommendations on unresolved disputes and to address mobile home park issues in general. The statute also established a mediation process to resolve disputes between mobile home park owners and residents and provided on-site conflict resolution training for mobile home park owners, residents, and managers.

The Mobile Home Issues Committee was to have consisted of ten members; each county supervisor was to appoint one mobile home park owner in the unincorporated portion of his or her district and one mobile home resident in the unincorporated part of his or her district. The 2001 redistricting removed Spring Valley from the Fourth Supervisorial District, leaving Ron Roberts without any unincorporated area in his district. The 2011 redistricting left the Third Supervisorial District without any mobile home parks in its unincorporated area.

"Nobody could fill it under the current rules," said current Third District supervisor Dave Roberts.

The lack of any eligible committee members made a quorum increasingly difficult.The last meeting with a quorum was in January 2012.

"The committee has not been active, has not had a quorum seven of its last eight meetings," Dave Roberts said.

The availability of community-based mediation services has reduced the need for a mobile home-specific resolution advisory committee, as have resident purchases of mobile home parks since 1998. Only three mediation activities, all during Fiscal Year 2010-11, have occurred since Fiscal Year 2004-05.

The Mobile Home Issues Committee was under the county's Department of Housing and Community Development, which also administers Community Development Block Grant funds. The annual CDBG funding plans have allocated $10,000 annually to the Mobile Home Issues Committee, and the elimination of the committee will allow that money to be used for other eligible CDBG projects.

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