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Local church and Salvation Army team up to feed hungry

August 06, 2014
Valley Center Community Church, which meets at Valley Center High School's Maxine Theater on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m., has partnered with the Salvation Army of Escondido to assist the Army's food pantry operation.

The Salvation Army of Escondido, located at 1301 Las Villas Way, operates a Family Services Offices providing emergency assistance to families in need. Assistance takes many forms, including providing food from their food pantry and helping with clothing and gas vouchers.

The Escondido Salvation Army provides needed family emergency assistance to over 1,000 people each month throughout the North County area.

In December 2013, the congregation of Valley Center Community Church raised over $5,000 to fund a monthly allocation to the Army's Food Pantry. This monthly allocation goes directly to help with the purchase of food from local food banks that will assist in feeding needy families.

Recently, Valley Center Community Church developed an additional program to help the Salvation Army's Food Pantry with supplying fresh fruits and vegetables.

Many homes in Valley Center have family fruit trees and vegetable gardens producing this time of year. Often these fruit trees and vegetable gardens produce excess that can go to waste. Church families have been bringing in bags and boxes of surplus fruits and vegetables to Sunday morning worship services at the Maxine Theater, or during the week to church offices located on Valley Center Road, across the street from the bank. These fresh fruits and vegetables are then transported by church deacons or other members to the Salvation Army's food pantry in Escondido to feed hungry families.

Valley Center Community Church would like to encourage anyone in the community wishing to get involved in feeding the hungry through the Salvation Army to bring bags and boxes of surplus fruits and vegetables to the Maxine Theater on Sunday mornings, or to church offices located on Valley Center Road during the week.

If you should have any questions, call the Valley Center Community Church offices, open Monday through Thursday, at 760-749-5151.

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