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Arrogance of Convicted Abuser
May 24, 2013 | 12:32 PM

Matthew McDuffie, as per Ca. Penal Code 368, has been convicted of willful cruelty of a depended adult. Period. Matthew McDuffie is the real liar as was the defense team. First lie we see here is that the media was in fact in the court. They saw the shocking videos. We learned fast that defense attorneys WILL lie to exonerate their client. And in our case, made up vicious lies about my family. And constantly tried to make light of the abuse. McDuffie is serial liar who clearly abused my son. He is guilty and knows his guilt. As for the videos a DLink expert testified there is a problem with their product's software that when set to motion detection, will stop recording when there is still movement. Hence why there are so many clips. (Read reviews online DCS-942L). Furthermore, the Judge placed a gag order on myself and my wife, so we could not discuss the case with anyone. Yet, the defense used people to write comments on line. And the defense attorney in Garriston's case has a daughter who used to write for the Reader, and knew the Reader reporter who covered case. This explains the slanted articles. Again McDuffie lies. He comments the videos as suspicion of abuse yet he did not comment he was convicted of abuse. How telling. McDuffie can't deal with his conviction. He can't accept it because he's angry he didn't completely fool the jurors. It is the absolute truth that
McDuffies attorney Karolyn Kovtun claimed her client was a saint to put up with this retard, referring to our autistic son. Are you kidding me, nice to see these soulless folks have compassion for the disabled. By the way saints would not hit, kick, punch or pull my sons hair. Just look at the videos, which will always be online. And the news articles that went national and international. McDuffie will never escape this. And he knows it.

McDuffie remains a self righteous arrogant shell of a man. He will fall hard when he's judged for his lies and sadistic abuse. He hurt my son and destroyed trust in caregivers. McDuffie wants to pray for us, is he nuts? He's convicted of abuse, or have he already forgot? I can only hope no one and I mean no one opens their door to McDuffie. He's one who comes into your life to steal peace, rob trust and destroy safety.

Mark Oakley
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