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Athlete of the Year
June 17, 2013 | 01:26 PM

Hello Dan,
Thank you for putting my Mitchell on the list of Athletes of the Year. It warms my heart to have him on it again this year. Mitchell's love has always been sports, in fact his first word was ball. :) Through out all the years he has played sports, 6th-12th, he has been able to maintain a 4.0 or above grade point average, which has helped him get closer to accomplishing his goal of becoing a Pediatricaian. I am so proud that Mitchell made first team all league in all three of his sports this year, and was asked to play on the San Diego county all star team for volleyball. (His team won 3-0 by the way) I was thrilled that both his water polo and basketball teams were league champions and that all three teams made it to the semi finals in CIF. What I love about Mitchell is that he is a very talented athlete, but yet he loves to befriend, help and encourage anyone and everyone. On the court or in the pool his leadership ability was wonderful to watch, helping team mates and even calming down those that have a short fuse; always more concerned about the teams success then his own. Mitchell has a very humble demeanor and would be the first one to tell you to honor someone else. Besides being a gentle giant, he is very competitive, even in a dodgeball tournament at lunch, jumping over 6'3" Bret Henderson in Powderpuff cheer or especially in Jag Wars, which he has been determined to win and has these last 2 years.
You have an amazing list of ever so talented athletes, and I wish you the best in deciding on just one, tough job! :)
Thanks again for all you do for our kids in keeping us informed on the sport happenings in our wonderful community. We are all so blessed!

Laura Rush
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