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Crime and Sports
November 03, 2013 | 03:07 PM

First of all, I had no luck using the email address for your sports writer so I'm using this format instead. This not an opinion, I am offering news tips here.

I'm not sure what Mr. Kidder considers sports. I know about his infantile and uninformed attitude about soccer and it seems Valley Center Lacrosse does not meet his standards either. I base this on the absence of any meaningful writing about lacrosse in the Roadrunner. Perhaps he will snoop around and discover that our Box (arena) Lacrosse teams, The Coyotes, have been playing for years at a very high standard. Last Saturday the middle school team and the JV team won the Southern California Box Lacrosse Championship in a tournament in Huntington Beach. Mr. Kidder may find a conversation with either Rich Russell or Morgan Rogers of the VC Lacrosse Foundation helpful. Come on guys!!

I hope the Roadrunner did not miss the news of an arrest of a VC woman, and I understand, her teenage son as well, in a major burglary case last week. Being the victim of two residential burglaries since this past February, I have a personal interest in how this 21-count case proceeds. I hope you folks recognize this story as a BIG DEAL as I am sure many VC residents have been impacted by this duo.

Mike Almer
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