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phone scams
November 21, 2013 | 01:47 PM

We have gotten at least 4 calls informing us of a courtesy call warning us about a virus on our computer. The caller claims to be from a service that is connected to our server. The caller has information that sounds authentic and has a phone number you can call to check up on this service, which is answered by a message machine with a business name:they promise to call you back. The caller offers to just check to see if a virus is present on your computer. When the virus is found, the caller offers to clear your computer for X amount, and requires you to give your credit card number before the virus can be cleared. Don't give out any information on the phone; call YOUR service number for YOUR server. You'll find it's not a "courtesy call" from your service, but a scam targeting seniors. Fay Hubbard

Fay Hubbard
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