Tuesday, October 13, 2015 11:28

Jag Quarterback Rhett Reilly: There's a Lot to Like

If you were to conjure up the image of what a high school quarterback should be, Rhett Riley would be straight out of Central Casting. To begin with, he's got the look....more»

Evaluating the Jags at Mid-Season

Whew, that was fast! It seems as if it was only yesterday that the Valley Center football team was playing in its season opener against Mater Dei on a hot night, late in August....more»

Brock "The Rock" is a Constant for the Jags

The essence of Brock Moffitt as a football player can be distilled down to one simple fact. In almost every circumstance, you can count on him. Consistency and dependability are the bedrocks of his game....more»

Home Run Hitter Hernandez is Valley Center's Lethal Weapon

Man, Nieko Hernandez can be one scary dude. Not in the conventional sense. Off the football field, he's a pleasant and accommodating young man. But put him in a uniform and place a football in his hand, and he experiences quite the transformation....more»

Reilly-Hernandez Combo Torches West Hills in 35-12 VC Victory

To say quarterback Rhett Reilly and receiver Nieko Hernandez have got chemistry is an understatement. These guys have rapport to the max. The simpatico they share is remarkable....more»

Boys Under 19 Hurricanes advance to first place in division

The Boys Under 19 Hurricane team played two games over the weekend and advanced to the front of their division. Saturday they squared off against San Diego Soccer Institute in Carmel Valley....more»

Newman's Reemergence Keys VC's 37-21 Conquest of Imperial

It was undeniable that the Valley Center Jaguars were scuffling somewhat, having lost two of their first three games of the new season. One sensed they could use a bit of a lift, a proverbial shot in the arm....more»

Hurricane Soccer Club is growing

The Hurricane Competitive Soccer Club has grown to 12 youth soccer teams this year — from three teams of Under 9 boys and girls, up to a team of 17 and 18 year old boys that have played together for almost 10 years....more»

Late Ramona Flurry Nips Valley Center 28-27

It is said there's a fine line between love and hate. For the Valley Center Jaguars, there's even a finer one between being an unbeaten 3 and 0, as opposed to being saddled with a disappointing 1 and 2 record....more»

Kiwanis Club getting set for 3rd Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

With two annual tournaments under its belt, the Kiwanis Club of Valley Center looks forward to its 3rd Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament on Friday, Oct....more»