Friday, January 30, 2015 01:23

Back to work at the Capitol

Hundreds of bills have been introduced since the Legislature convened for the 2015-2016 session January 5. Bills must be delivered to the Legislative Counsel's office by the end of January so that final bill language can be developed by the February 27 deadline....subscribers»

Unlicensed VC teenage driver seriously injures Escondido pedestrian

Around 5 a.m. on Saturday, an unlicensed 17-year-old Valley Center boy drove his westbound red Chevy pickup truck off Valley Parkway near North Citrus Avenue, striking and seriously injuring an Escondido pedestrian....subscribers»

Letter to the Editor: Suggestions about suggestions

In your Jan. 22 editorial, it was interesting to read some of the suggestions and comments your readers had about the Valley Roadrunner. One of the comments that stood out for me was the individual who "laid into 'snarky' coverage by newspaper personnel prior to the paper's sale....subscribers»

VC Library needs a bus stop

Valley Center is not Forrest Gump's kind of town. Just ask Valley Center chief librarian Mrs. Z. Not that there aren't all sorts of epic and wonderful characters in the enchanted land between the Hidden Valley and Wine Country....subscribers»

Molly's Column

Hi, this is Molly! How are you all doing today? Did you enjoy your Christmas break? I know that I certainly did. This week I will write about how to create great New Year's goals, how to live up to those goals, and three great facts about the winter season....subscribers»

We asked. You spoke. We listened.

A few weeks ago we ran a polite solicitation for feedback on what people liked or didn't like in the Valley Roadrunner. What the heck? It's kind of a pointless exercise putting out a newspaper with news nobody wants to use....subscribers»

VC High names students of the month

James Schwindt James Schwindt is a senior at Valley Center High School. He prides himself with being diligent and industrious and said he is extremely grateful to be chosen for Jag of Month....subscribers»

Letters to the editor: Molly's Column should run

My family and I are very disappointed to hear that The Roadrunner will not be running Molly's Column on a regular basis. Molly Davis' Column is an essential part of The Roadrunner and it will be a very poor public relations move on your part to phase Molly out....subscribers»

What's in a Valley Center street name?

Many moons ago, I wrote the transportation column at the dearly departed North County Times. That was the time of editor Kent Davey and the late, great John Van Doorn....subscribers»

Letter to the Editor: Oh bitter ending! a sad day for VC

Many thanks to the hundreds of local residents who supported the preservation of the CCC Camp site and the CCC Interest Group, and special thanks to the VC Community Planning Group who supported the preservation and recognition of our history and heritage....subscribers»