Tuesday, October 13, 2015 • 04:57

Research animals might get another chance


Most of us love Beagles. Their eager-to-please, calm personalities make them the perfect pet. This trait also makes them perfect for research purposes....more»

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - October 8, 2015

IDEA FOR ROUNDABOUTS IS STUPID Editor, Roadrunner: In response to the August 27 report of the "Fight Club" I have this to say, "We lived in Valley Center for 24 years and have been visiting for over 40 years, so I have seen lots of changes! Jon Vick's idea for roundabouts on Valley Center Road would take traffic back to the 1700's! Roundabouts take up too much space, would impede the flow of traffic, promote confusion and markedly increase the risk of accidents....more»

The end of a tradition?

This week, we are told, the Chamber of Commerce board may vote to go along with the Optimist proposal to get rid of the venerable, traditional name "Western Days....more»

Do you Remember?

5 years ago This week in 2010, the water district goes on alert over high temperatures. Increased wind speed and the heat wave triggered the preparation of the districts emergency generators should the electricity was to be shut off in an emergency....more»

Without action, El Niño won't solve the drought

We've all seen reports predicting a wet winter with a strong El Niño, though it's still unlikely that the end of the drought may be at hand. Unfortunately, massive rains in Southern California may not add to the Sierra snowpack, California's main water supply....more»


WE DON'T LIKE CHANGE Editor, Roadrunner: Please do not change the name from "Western Days" to "The Valley Center Stampede." There is no need for the change and the locals will not like it....more»

Why Lilac Hills Ranch should be approved

On September 11, 2015, the County Planning Commission voted to approve Lilac Hills Ranch by a 4-3 vote. During Planning Commission deliberations, Lilac Hills Ranch was praised for its forward-looking design and community character....more»

Why Lilac Hills Ranch should not be approved

Valley Center is a very special rural community in San Diego County. The members of the Valley Center Community Planning Group volunteer their time and efforts to work towards making our fair community a place that they and their neighbors want to live....more»

The running of the bull

So, after two years of wandering in the wilderness, putting out first the Valley Center Press and then the Times Advocate, I have arrived back where I started—my old home at The Roadrunner just in time to be dropped smack dab into a controversy....more»

Some Good News from Sacramento

Your legislature was able to do some positive work for the taxpayers this session. For starters a number of tax hike proposals were blocked, including $1 billion in new gas taxes, $2 billion from a $65 per-vehicle `highway-user fee' and $1....more»