Friday, October 31, 2014 01:56

Why should you vote?

Election Day is Nov. 4 and I hope you make a trip to the polls a priority. Your vote is a privilege and a power you should not take for granted. When you choose a Congressman, governor, county supervisor, ...more»

Molly's Column

Hi, this is Molly! How are you doing this week? Today I will talk about school, 10 facts about pumpkins, what Halloween is all about, shout outs, and goals....more»

Updating privacy laws to reflect 21st century realities

Maintaining a sense of personal privacy in an era of surveillance cameras and widespread use of drones and other intrusive technologies can be challenging, to say the least....more»

Molly's Column

Hi, this is Molly. How are you doing on this beautiful day? Today I will talk about school, Rachel’s Challenge, youth group, five fascinating facts about beans, shout outs, and goals....more»

Government transparency and informed voters

This week you will see the first article in the Valley Roadrunner’s election series. As a news organization and as an important part of our community we believe in a transparent and open government....more»

AB 1447 will get California moving, save gas, reduce pollution

For most of us, the automobile remains our only effective means of transportation. In a state as auto-dependent as ours, it makes sense to do all we can to see that traffic moves safely and efficiently, ...more»

Letter to the editor: VC residents should landscape with native plants

In this time of high water prices and shrinking open space, I would like to encourage people to choose California native plants for their landscaping....more»

Hawaii lava flow
This Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014 photo provided by the U.S. Geological Survey shows lava that has pushed through a fence marking a property boundary above the town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. After weeks of slow, stop-and-go movement, a river of asphalt-black lava was less than the length of a football field from homes in the Big Island community Tuesday...
Supermodel Helena Christensen Is All Grown Up
Helena Christensen was always one of my favorite models to work with. She made my job easy. With her piercing green eyes, beautiful warm skin, and dark shiny hair, all I had to do was apply lipgloss and smudge some eyeliner—everyone thought I was the most talented makeup artist ever...
Tell Your Phone to Shut Up About Joining Wi-Fi Networks
Welcome to Pogue's Basics: little tips to help you survive in a technological world. Nobody tells us these things when we first start using a new phone, tablet, gadget, email system, or social network...
Massive drill bit nearly pierces New York City subway train
A massive drill bit being used in an underground construction project pierced the top of a New York City subway tunnel and grazed an unoccupied train car, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority says...
Hillary Clinton heckled by immigration activists in Maryland
Hillary Clinton was heckled repeatedly by immigration activists while speaking at a campaign rally for Anthony Brown, the Democratic nominee for Maryland governor.
Michael Robledo