Sunday, April 19, 2015 • 12:08

State-mandated 35 percent water-use reduction threatens VC agriculture and people

Editor’s note: Valley Center Municipal Water District chief Gary Arant this week appealed to state regulators to revise proposed water cutbacks because most of its users are farmers and they fear ...more»


In early March, officials reported that the Sierra Nevada snowpack is far below normal and that 2015 is on track to join the record years of 1977 and 1991 as one of the driest on record....more»

Do you remember?

40 years ago, April 17, 1975: Van Quackenbush weighs in (again) Following up his previous plea to Valley Center residents to step up to save the Roadrunner, owner-publisher-editor-captain Van Quackenbush ...more»

Public financing of elections considering the state of the state/nation

Grab a seat Political Science 101 students. This is going to take a while. Let's start with a point on which virtually everyone agrees. The political system is broken....more»

The View From Here: Neighbors in Need

The view from here is perplexing. As I think about the past two winter seasons, I have helped serve dinners to the homeless individuals who reside at Haven House in Escondido’s InterFaith ...more»

Do you remember…?

40 years ago, April 10, 1975: Van Quackenbush weighs in "We've Been Kidding Ourselves," ran the bold-faced headline in the editorial taking up the entire left side of the Roadrunner....more»

Valley Center boasts rich Jewish history

Editor's Note: Robert Lerner is historian of the Valley Center Historical Society and History Museum. Visit for more information. This column originally was printed in the San Diego ...more»

Jon Stewart's biggest regret as 'Daily Show' host: Not pushing Donald Rumsfeld harder
Jon Stewart doesn't have many regrets as he approaches the end of his 17-year run as host of "The Daily Show." But he does have one: not pushing Donald Rumsfeld harder when he had the chance.
Tearful ceremony remembers anniversary of 1995 Oklahoma City bombing
The Field of Empty Chairs is seen during the 20th Remembrance Ceremony, the anniversary ceremony for victims of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma April 19, 2015...
California prepares for historic mandatory cutbacks on water
California water officials drafted a slate of mandatory conservation regulations Saturday, part of a first-ever attempt at mandatory rationing for the state, which is facing its fourth consecutive year of drought...
Model Carol Alt On Raw Food, Studio 54, and Her 700 Magazine Covers
In the 1980s it was impossible to walk by a newsstand and not see Carol Alt on the cover of a magazine. One of the most successful models ever, Carol has graced over 700 covers. Through it all, Carol has become an award-winning Italian film star, Fox News Health guru, and a raw food advocate...