Monday, March 30, 2015 • 11:44

Pala Rez Radio takes a trip back in time to B-100 FM programming

"Video Killed the Radio Star" was a landmark song and music video in the early days of MTV. The song from the one-hit wonders that were the Buggles debuted in September 1979....more»

Research animals deserve another chance; communicating with 21st-century technology

We all love animals, and many, if not most of us have pets. These non-human members of our families become integral parts of our lives. Even when they destroy furniture, carpets or eat our pot-roast dinners ...more»

Wild West town rides off into the sunset

If you were driving around Valley Center Road this week and blinked, you missed it. For 60 years, Stan Deskovick and his wife Marge scoured the nation for western-themed antiques....more»

Word from the Yurt: James Busacca and his Mongolian experience

I came to Mongolia as a Peace Corps volunteer in 2012 and spent two years living in a small village in the far west of Mongolia, called Myangad Soum. The village had around 1,500 people....more»

Of 'Seinfeld' and Valley Center Teacher Parent Club Ag Day

As someone who has seen every "Seinfeld" episode approximately a gazillion times, I've often maintained any situation in life can be found on the show....more»

Boys & Girls Club forever

The view from here is hopeful. As I sit and watch my son practice basketball in the front yard, I am reminded of the great people in our community who help children....more»

Do you remember…?

40 years ago, March 13, 1975: School board election truly too close to call The Valley Center School Board race was too close to call — really too close....more»

Naked Cowboy's car nearly stolen from Times Square parking garage
The Naked Cowboy almost lost the figurative horse he rode in on when a would-be car thief apparently tried to steal his car in a Times Square parking garage.
Immunotherapy: The new weapon in the fight against cancer
Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric sat down with Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee and filmmaker Ken Burns to discuss the new documentary “Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies.” The six-hour, three-part film series, airing on PBS on March 30 and 31 and April 1, unravels the mystery of cancer through the patients who battle the disease and the researchers and scientists who have dedicated their lives to treating it...
A Sneak Peek of My Upcoming Book—It's Juicy!
I am so excited to announce that my book, That's What Fashion Is: Lessons and Stories From My Non-Stop, Mostly Glamorous Life in Style, is finally coming out this September. And I wanted to tell you about it first...
Survivor's recourse: UK shows what happens when it gets pushed to the brink
CLEVELAND – Mike Brey leaned against a wall outside the Notre Dame postgame locker room and tried to process it all. He looked exhausted. He looked emotional. He looked like he needed a nap, a beer or most preferably a couple of both...
World landmarks go dark as Earth Hour highlights the need for sustainable energy
A combination picture shows St. Basil's Cathedral before (L) and during Earth Hour in Moscow March 28, 2015. Earth Hour, when everyone around the world is asked to turn off lights for an hour from 8...