Monday, October 20, 2014 08:59

Government transparency and informed voters

This week you will see the first article in the Valley Roadrunner’s election series. As a news organization and as an important part of our community we believe in a transparent and open government....more»

AB 1447 will get California moving, save gas, reduce pollution

For most of us, the automobile remains our only effective means of transportation. In a state as auto-dependent as ours, it makes sense to do all we can to see that traffic moves safely and efficiently, ...more»

Letter to the editor: VC residents should landscape with native plants

In this time of high water prices and shrinking open space, I would like to encourage people to choose California native plants for their landscaping....more»

Molly's column

Hi, this is Molly! How are you doing this week? Today I will talk about school, five cool facts about the month of October, energy, shout outs, and goals....more»


B.B. Carlson would like to retract her letter to the editor entitled "Inappropriate Signs in Valley Center must go," which ran in the last edition of The Valley Roadrunner....more»

Computer crime bill signed into law

The threat cyber criminals pose to our computer-dependent world cannot be overstated. Our society benefits greatly from Internet technology, whether we use it to pay bills, monitor our health, or communicate ...more»

Molly's Column

Hi, this is Molly! How are you today? Today I will talk about school, cool facts about France, shout outs, and goals. At school we are learning about integers....more»

Texas' biggest hospital chain still preparing for Ebola
DALLAS – The CDC has repeatedly said any hospital in country can safely care for an Ebola patient, but the largest health care system in Texas told Yahoo News on Friday that only two of its 46 hospitals statewide are ready to treat someone with the deadly virus...
11-Year-Old's Dancing Is Crazy Impressive
This 11-year-old from Littleton, Colorado, is the newest YouTube dancing star.
How Ebola was discovered
The Belgian doctor who first discovered the deadly virus in 1976 recalls his trip to Zaire to study what was then "an epidemic of unknown origin and transmission."
Photos of the day - October 17, 2014
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, right, Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi arrive for a meeting on the sidelines of the ASEM summit of European and Asian leaders in Milan, northern Italy, Friday, Oct...
Second Ebola nurse, Amber Vinson, 'felt funny' while in Ohio, CDC says
Officials in Ohio are working to identify anyone who may have come into contact with Amber Joy Vinson, a 29-year-old Ebola-stricken nurse from Dallas who experienced symptoms while visiting family in the Cleveland area last weekend...
Krueger party