Wednesday, January 28, 2015 • 04:08

VC High names students of the month

James Schwindt James Schwindt is a senior at Valley Center High School. He prides himself with being diligent and industrious and said he is extremely grateful to be chosen for Jag of Month....more»

We asked. You spoke. We listened.

A few weeks ago we ran a polite solicitation for feedback on what people liked or didn’t like in the Valley Roadrunner. What the heck? It’s kind of a pointless exercise putting out a newspaper ...more»

Molly’s Column

Hi, this is Molly! How are you all doing today? Did you enjoy your Christmas break? I know that I certainly did. This week I will write about how to create great New Year’s goals, how to live up ...more»

What’s in a Valley Center street name?

Many moons ago, I wrote the transportation column at the dearly departed North County Times. That was the time of editor Kent Davey and the late, great John Van Doorn....more»

Letters to the editor: Molly’s Column should run

My family and I are very disappointed to hear that The Roadrunner will not be running Molly’s Column on a regular basis. Molly Davis’ Column is an essential part of The Roadrunner and it ...more»

What do you want to see in the Roadrunner?

Sometimes, it’s funny how things turn out. If you were to go back as little as 20 years ago, you would find a lot of community newspapers looking like the Valley Roadrunner....more»

Letter to the editor: Basketball and our schools

The recent article on the success of the high school basketball team gave some well-deserved attention to that young team. However, there’s an ironic aspect to the story....more»

Seal and dog meet for the first time and it's adorable
What happens when a dog and a seal meet? A whole lot of cuteness.
Minnesota brothers are back with incredible snow sculpture
With a historic snowstorm targeting much of the Northeast, it makes sense that the white stuff is the star of our story today.
Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment
From left) Erika Larsen, Kitra Cahana, Jodi Cobb, Amy Toensing, Carolyn Drake, Beverly Joubert, Stephanie Sinclair, Diane Cook, Lynn Johnson, Maggie Steber and Lynsey Addario, the 11 award-winning female photojournalists who are featured in National Geographic's exhibition âWomen of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment,â which opened at the National Geographic Museum on Thursday, Oct...
How to prepare for the blizzard of 2015
The Northeast is bracing for what some predict may be a historic blizzard, with up to two feet of snow expected from Massachusetts to New Jersey. As newscasters take to the streets, grocery stores and airports for the classic coverage of presnow panic, those in the eye of the storm would be wise to heed the warnings and prepare for a variety of scenarios...
Surviving faces of the Holocaust
Auschwitz death camp survivor Barbara Doniecka, 80, who was registered with camp number 86341, holds up wartime photo of herself, as she poses for a photograph in Warsaw January 12, 2015. Doniecka was 12-years-old during the Warsaw Uprising when she was sent to Pruszkow camp...
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