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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Ad Agency
Selecting an advertising agency can -- and should be -- a positive experience for any business. With the right partner, you can grow and develop your brand and in turn, your bottom line. But like hiring the right employee, selecting an agency partner can be a challenge. To ensure that you find the right agency "match," consider these five...
Galaxy Note 4 vs. The Human Gluteus Maximus
The back pockets, on our pants, are awesome. We know they are vulnerable to pickpockets and have a greater chance of spilling the contents every time we sit, but we can't resist it. The back -
Enduring the Gluteus Maximus
The back pockets, on our pants, are awesome. We know they are vulnerable to pickpockets and have a greater chance of spilling the contents every time we sit, but we can't resist it. The back -
Swallowing this needle-studded pill could be good for you
Researchers develop a pill that could be swallowed to deliver drugs directly into our digestive tracts via tiny needles. And that's better how?>
DirecTV secures NFL Sunday Ticket deal vital to AT&T merger
The deal also expands the partnership to include Sunday Ticket live on mobile devices, likely to be a key promoted feature for AT&T.>
'Ghost Gunner' lets people make untraceable, homemade guns
Defense Distributed's newest project is a PC-connected milling machine that aims to streamline the process of self-assembling AR-15 semi-automatic rifles.>
Verizon TV without FiOS? It's coming and will have Viacom shows
Verizon pins down rights for content from the parent of MTV and Comedy Central, after its CEO said the company plans to launch a wireless TV service next year.>
Apple to offer next iPad in gold -- report
The company is expected to announce new tablets this month and add a gold version to its current silver and gray models.>
Verizon backs off plans to throttle unlimited data users
The company says it made the decision after "ongoing dialogue" about its network optimization plan.>
Watch laser-guided Sea-Monkeys stir up a watery vortex
"Coaxing Sea-Monkeys to swim when and where you want them to is even more difficult than it sounds," says Caltech scientist studying the critters' impact on ocean currents.>
Predictable Schedules Offer Stability and Regular Pay to Hourly Workers
Co-authored by SF County Supervisor David ChiuSocial media has been ablaze during the past few weeks with images and news stories about workers trying to raise their local hourly minimum wage. From New York to Los Angeles, we've heard the personal stories of the people behind these campaigns who say they can't make ends meet because their wages...
The 404 Show 1,559: The Tetris movie, pumpkin Oreos, the Pixar theory (podcast)
Today we start off with a pumpkin spice Oreo cookie taste test, come up with better plotlines for the Tetris movie and attempt to debunk the Pixar theory.>
Golden iPads, larger Nexus phone may come this month
Hype for Apple's next iPad grows with reports of a gold model, Google's Nexus 6 may stretch in size, and Microsoft adds Sway to the Office suite.>
Facebook apologizes to gay community, alters identity policy
The world's largest social network says it will create a "fix" for people caught up in the company's "real-name policy.">
Derek Jeter's new site promises unfiltered athletes
Fans apparently want to hear their athletes without the interference of journalists, and the now retired Yankee is giving it to them with a site called the Players' Tribune.>
When Bad News Gets Really Really.......Good
It is interesting to know that when farmers want to get the very best of their crops, they add fertilizers to the soil to create the right environment that accommodates decent and healthy growth and increased productivity. Fertilizers acts as agents that produces nutrients essential for growth. There are two types, organic and inorganic but I...
Pressure is on: eBay needs to deliver after PayPal's spin-off
The split is a logical progression for PayPal, but eBay needs to show that it's also a smart decision for its core e-commerce business as Amazon lures away sellers.>
Chill-inducing 'Interstellar' trailer pulls your heart into space
Get ready, world. The next great sci-fi epic could be coming soon as "Interstellar" releases a trailer that teases a world of space wonders and a desperate attempt to save humanity.>
Tokyo stocks tumble as weak global data spook markets; yen gains
By Shinichi Saoshiro TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese stocks were knocked hard on Thursday as weak global manufacturing activity and an Ebola health scare in the United States spooked world markets, sending investors scurrying to the safety of U.S. bonds, the yen and gold. The gloom is seen keeping Europe on the defensive, with spreadbetters forecasting Britain's FTSE and Germany's DAX each to drop as much as 0...
Pimco Total Return Fund posts record $23.5 billion net outflow in September
By Jennifer Ablan and Luciana Lopez (Reuters) - Pacific Investment Management Co suffered a record $23.5 billion of withdrawals from its flagship Pimco Total Return Fund in September, with its largest daily outflow occurring on the day of Bill Gross's surprise resignation from the firm. The Newport Beach, Calif.-based fund manager said the Pimco Total Return Fund, run by Gross for 27 years who made it into the world's largest bond fund, is "well positioned" to meet potential redemptions...
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