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US stocks are mixed in early trading
NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks are opening mixed as investors look over more earnings reports from big companies.
Great Content is Embedded in your Business DNA
In today's media drenched, smartphone always on world, smart content is the lifeblood your business.Smart content is visual, informative, topical and written so it resonates with and engages your customers, with built in calls to action that don't get in the way of your brand messaging.To be successful, make "rinse and repeat"t one of your...
'Did you break this?' Lenovo Yoga ad pranks stunned shoppers
See the look on consumers' faces when a faux Lenovo employee snaps a competing laptop in two right in front of them and then tries to pass off the blame.>
Samsung to speed up restructure by selling defense business
As part of its group-wide restructuring plan to focus on electronics, finance and construction, Samsung is selling its defense and military affiliates for almost $2 billion to South Korean compatriot Hanwha.>
Uber said to be near funding round that doubles its valuation
Ride-sharing startup is close to a $1 billion funding round that would give it a valuation as high as $40 billion, Bloomberg reports.>
Facebook, Twitter ruining Christmas, says bishop
A British bishop insists he will write 60 traditional cards a day and hand deliver as many as he can. He says Christmas should be personal.>
Working Lego particle accelerator finds the Minifigs Boson
Have you ever wondered what the building blocks of the universe might be? Perhaps they're Lego bricks.>
Apple ad teases gamers, annoys gamers
Apple's latest ad, in which Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon behave as you might expect gamers to, causes online ructions among some gaming devotees.>
Tomorrow Daily 092: Mistletoe drones, Europa in HD, real-life bacon meme, and more
On today's show, we debate the usefulness of drones inside restaurants (especially drones carrying mistletoe), check out Europa in stunning HD, and watch a beloved bacon internet meme come to life via a laser printer hack.>
Mark Zuckerberg schedules second Q&A with the public
The Facebook CEO will host another ask-me-anything session with the public, on December 11.>
This peculiar cup could give astronauts the espresso experience in space
A specially designed "space cup" would let astronauts sip their espresso in Zero-G style aboard the ISS.>
NASA completes first successful in-space 3D-printing project
The 3D printer installed aboard the International Space Station has successfully printed its first object: a part for the printer itself.>
CEO of Shots 'Not Focused on Selling'
Regarding Twitter acquisition rumors, Shots CEO John Shahidi tells FOX Business, “we are focused on building out the product and not focused on selling it.” The Justin Bieber-backed startup is especially popular with teens.
HP ends fiscal year with mixed earnings report
But CEO Meg Whitman tells investors the software maker is entering 2015 with the "strongest portfolio" in a decade.>
Nice 'stache Watson: First look at 'Sherlock' special goes Victorian
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman don vintage clothes and hairstyles for a sneak peek at the upcoming "Sherlock" special. Will the lads be time-traveling or attending a costume party?>
US expresses 'concern' over EU proposal to break up Google
The United States Mission to the European Union says antitrust issues should not be "politicized.">
4K TV shipments soar to 6.4M in 2014
After several slow quarters, a report from DisplaySearch on global TV shipments suggests consumers may be ready for new TVs.>
Meaning Is the New Money: Pivoting Towards Your Purpose
Meaning is proving to be the new money. Entrepreneurs everywhere, as well as employees, are making changes towards finding greater meaning in their lives, or what has become known as "finding their WHY." No longer satisfied with chasing the next pay rise or climbing the corporate ladder for the sake of it, people and companies are making the...
The 404 Show 1,586: Giving thanks to tech, Jurassic World, BlackBerry Hail Mary (podcast)
It's our last show before Thanksgiving and the guys are discuss what tech they're thankful for. Plus, we'll try and understand how anyone could have thought making another Jurassic amusement park was a good idea.>
Samsung Electronics Big Data Solution, No. 1 in Sort Benchmark
Summary: • Samsung Electronics' sorting engine, DeepSort, finished No. 1 in this year's Sort Benchmark competition, often known as the “World Cup” of data sorting.     Samsung Electronics Big Data Solution, No. 1 in Sort -
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