Friday, March 06, 2015 05:38

General strike shuts down services across Greece
ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Services across Greece shut down Wednesday as unions staged a 24-hour general strike and held peaceful demonstrations to protest further austerity cuts in the cash-strapped country.
Unemployment rates fall in two-thirds of US states
Unemployment rates fell in two-thirds of U.S. states last month, evidence that modest economic growth is boosting hiring in most areas of the country.
US stocks edge higher in afternoon trading
Stocks were on track to finish higher Thursday afternoon for the second day in a row as investors drew encouragement from reports on Chinese manufacturing, U.S. home sales and some positive earnings from Best Buy, Dollar Tree and other retailers.
US stocks edge higher in midday trading
Major stock indexes shifted higher in midday trading Thursday, getting a lift from an encouraging report on Chinese manufacturing and some positive earnings from Best Buy, Dollar Tree and other retailers. The market also got a boost from data showing modest improvement in sales of previously occupied homes.
US stocks are mixed in early trading
NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks are opening mixed as investors look over more earnings reports from big companies.
Nao and Forever: How I learned to love a robot
My love affair with mechanical companions can be traced back to Teddy Ruxpin, the animatronic bear that replaced the inanimate My Buddy doll as my go-to plaything as a young boy. But three nights in Las ...
Why Gender Equality Is a Sustainable Approach to Innovation
Every level of society is an incubator of innovation within which everyone can contribute. Therefore it should go without saying that gender equality promotes innovation, but how does this work in practice? Let's cast our eyes northwards towards the countries labelled "the world's most gender equal" - The Nordics. Innovative socio-political...
Apple lands prime spot in the Dow, as AT&T departs
As a tech and corporate leader, Apple proved itself a "clear choice" to join the key Wall Street metric starting later this month. Its stock split last year helped, too.>
Cameras in players' shirts put you in the heart of sporting action
First V1sion is a startup that places you in the action by placing cameras and heart rate monitors in the shirts of top sports players.>
Samsung Galaxy S6 is our best of MWC in CNET UK podcast 424
We check out the coolest kit from Mobile World Congress 2015, from the smartest smartphones to the weirdest wearables.>
Virtual desktop infrastructure's failure to launch (Podcast)
Virtual desktop infrastructure is not the market bull once predicted. Derek Smith of Orchard Parc and I discuss the reasons behind the big costs, big disappointments, and small returns on VDI deployments.
Our Employer-Employee Marriages Need Counseling
This article was originally published in Forbes.The monthly jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reads like a national marriage scorecard. There are tallies of courtships ("job openings"), marital unions ("hires") and a variety of divorces ("total separations," "quits," "layoffs" and "discharges"). Our recent scorecards...
Here's what Obi-Wan should have done as a Force ghost
In an animated short, Dorkly shows that Obi-Wan Kenobi could have helped out so much more after his death.>
Nintendo Wii U lineup stars fan favorites from PS4, Xbox One, PC
Nintendo's digital store is beefing up with some top-notch independent titles in the coming months, and the company showed off a few familiar games during a presentation at GDC 2015. We're talking games ...
Lumia 830: 90 percent of what I need in a smartphone at half the price
Not everyone can afford the $650 entry price of an iPhone 6. For about half the price, the Nokia Lumia 830 offers up an amazing design, solid camera, and great performance.
Uber suspends service in Seoul after months-long row with officials
The ride-hailing service plans to return at some point but only after it's reached an accord with the government.>
5 Shortcuts to Productivity for Entrepreneurs
Last year I published a fairly acknowledged roundup of tips, tricks and hacks for staying productive in business, and at work in general. Around that time I also wrote about productivity when working from home.Sure, they're both topics that I love, and try to incorporate in my daily life for one reason or the other, and today I'm hoping to...
6 potential uses for Apple Watch in the enterprise
The Apple Watch is getting close to release, and it's a better fit for the enterprise than some might think.
Jony Ive isn't too concerned about your iPhone battery life issues
Tired of recharging your iPhone several times a day? That's just because the iPhone's thin and light design is encouraging you to use it more, according to Apple's design guru Jony Ive. In an interview ...
'Invisible hearing aid' runs into controversy over its claims
Technically Incorrect: Nanoplug took to Indiegogo to plug its tech for a tiny hearing aid, but now it's touting a device that appears identical to a product already on the market. Contributors are furious.>