Monday, September 29, 2014 11:04

Apple patches Bash vulnerability on Macs
The company said previously that the vast majority of Macs were "safe by default" from the new security vulnerability known as the Bash or Shellshock bug.>
This Lego Doom build will haunt your nightmares
Lego artist Iain Heath built an incredible 6-foot-long Lego model of scenes from the 1993 classic video game Doom.>
Startup has a way to let your phone make crystal-clear calls
Cypher promises its voice isolating software will elevate call quality, whether you're a caller is in a noisy restaurant or a soldier on the battlefield.>
Behind Ello hype, a Facebook rebellion brews
The new Ello social network sees a spike in sign-ups, Facebook copies Google's Auto Awesome Stories, and GoPro rolls out new Hero4 action cameras.>
Adobe project brings Photoshop to Chrome, Chrome OS
The Creative Cloud now involves some actual cloud computing with a version of Adobe's flagship that runs in Google's browser and its browser-based operating system.>
Don't Worry... Be Crappy
Life has a funny way of keeping us all humble, yes?I speak from years of experience, which have included a whole lot of moments where I found myself... shall we say... not at my best. Take, for example, my recent efforts to learn yoga... where even the simplest-seeming pose came out like this:Or take my attempt to speak even mildly decent...
California police can fly drones without a warrant
Gov. Jerry Brown vetoes a bill that would have required law enforcement to obtain a warrant before using surveillance drones.>
The 404 Throwback Ep. 312: Jonathan Coulton performance! (podcast)
Internet superstar Jonathan Coulton performs live in this special throwback episode. (Original air date: 4/2/09)>
Man staring at iPad causes airport evacuation
At the Sydney Airport, a man is so engrossed in his iPad that he wanders past a security screening and causes an alert.>
Lessons From a Legend - Excerpts from Keith Reinhard's Any Wednesday
For many years I had the great privilege of working for one of the legends in advertising, Keith Reinhard, Chairman Emeritus of DDB Worldwide. Keith is one of those rare, quiet visionaries who leads with humility and inspires on a daily basis with his infectious curiosity and passion for creativity. Recently, Keith published a compilation of...
Welcome the Woozy: Because cats deserve hammocks too
Bring a flash of Euro design style to your cat's life with the Woozy, a modern-looking hammock designed to hook onto a radiator.>
Get a Pebble smartwatch for $99.99
It's not the sexiest wrist-companion you can buy, but at this price, it's definitely the best.>
With Windows Threshold, key changes behind the curtain
On Tuesday, Microsoft will offer details about the next version of Windows. Much of what really matters, says ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, lies in how Redmond is building, testing and updating the OS.>
Bite this bizarre Batman tribute burger from McDonald's
McDonald's Hong Kong celebrates the Justice League with a Batman burger that looks more like something the Penguin would indulge in.>
See a music video love story told entirely on Apple devices
Brunettes Shoot Blondes releases an awesome animated music video for its latest single "Knock Knock." The stars? iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.>
Waze now lets you add and edit places
The crowdsourced navigation app introduces a feature called Waze Places that lets you add details and photos of places you discover along your route.>
Bitcoin converter Circle opens to the public worldwide
The company's service allows consumers to swap established currencies for the digital kind without the speculating inherent in trading exchanges.>
Xbox One finally debuts in China
But at the moment only 10 games are available to Chinese consumers -- Master Chief, where are you?>
Bill Gates tops Forbes list of 400 richest people in America
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saw the biggest jump in wealth among all the people on the list, earning him the No. 11 spot.>
Amazon flagship show 'Alpha House' returns for a binge Oct. 24
Prime Instant Video shifts its release strategy for the second season of the John Goodman political comedy by switching to the all-at-once tack of rival Netflix.>
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