Tuesday, July 29, 2014 01:49

Woman who stopped to save ducklings on highway gets $100 ticket
A woman who stopped on a New Hampshire highway to help a group of ducklings whose mother had been struck and killed by a car was given a $100 ticket by state police for stopping on the median.
Many drug inmates who get break under new plan to be deported
Thousands of federal prisoners set to be released early thanks to a change in drug rules will most likely be quickly deported to their home countries next year.
Ick! World's largest aquatic insect specimen reportedly found in China
What appears to be the world's largest flying aquatic insect was discovered earlier this month in China's Sichuan province, officials there say.
Woo hoo! Tattooed 'Simpsons' fan sets Guinness world record
A New Zealand man who turned his left arm into a sweaty shrine to Homer Simpson has set a new world record for having the most tattoos of the same cartoon character.
Fight Breaks Out During Live, Televised Debate
When people are passionate about their position on politics, a debate can get very heated... Maybe turn into a hot enough brawl that chairs are thrown, and more. A live back-and-forth on Jordanian TV channel Josat put outspoken journalist Shaker al-Johari on one side of the spectrum and pro-Syrian regime activist and lawyer Samih Khrais on the other.
Social Media Posts Show Last Moments of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Victims
These snapshots might have been their last. Cellphones and the Web have been tracking the lives of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, shot down in eastern Ukraine last week:
Sinkhole threatens to swallow Florida neighborhood
A massive sinkhole that opened up in Florida over the weekend is threatening to swallow several Tampa-area homes.
Why Legos keep washing up on a British beach
For the last 17 years, Lego pieces have been washing up on the shores of Cornwall, England, to the delight of mystified beachgoers.
Obama: Pro-Russia separatists stealing Malaysia Airlines crash evidence
President Obama on Monday bluntly accused pro-Moscow separatist fighters in Ukraine of stealing evidence and improperly removing bodies from the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and pressed Russia to compel the rebels to stop blocking an international investigation.
No Labels? No results? No problem.
Like other outside political groups, No Labels spends a large part of its budget maintaining and promoting its own organization. And though No Labels has positioned itself as a warrior against gridlock, in an internal document obtained by Yahoo News, the group is banking on more political dysfunction in an attempt to find “opportunity” and relevance for itself. The confidential document, distributed at No Labels' May executive board meeting, outlines a “break through strategy” for the group, which despite raising millions and a buzzy-for-cable-news-talk launch, has struggled to find a foothold on the campaign trail or in the halls of Congress...
Viner With Anti-Hater Spoons Shows Us How to 'Block Out the Haters'
Brandon Bowen, 16 years old, is a self-proclaimed "professional fatty" and "amateur Viner" from Tifton, Georgia. He recently posted a vine with his unique approach to blocking out the haters. Brandon got the idea to use the spoons from a fellow churchgoer, and in the video above he gives me a little lesson in hater blockin'. He says his secret to holding the spoons in place is duct tape, but I found that wedging a spoon in under my brow and then squinching my face works pretty well...
Other crises muscle onto world stage just as Iraq is coming undone
While the Obama administration and much of the global media focused on crises in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip in recent weeks, the centrifugal forces of a sectarian civil war continued to pull Iraq apart.
This girl is not a fan of bike thieves
Bike thieves, be not proud. A six-year-old Portland, Ore. girl named Roxy created a homemade sign, blasting the thief or thieves who dared to steal her father's bicycles.
Romney would top Obama if 2012 presidential election were held today: poll
If a rematch of the 2012 presidential election were held today, Mitt Romney would win the popular vote over President Barack Obama, a new CNN/ORC International poll finds.
Exclusive: Sen. John Walsh responds to revelations that he plagiarized Army War College paper
A doctor prescribed Montana Democratic Sen. John Walsh medication for symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder after he returned from an Army deployment in Iraq, but he was not formally diagnosed with PTSD, the senator confirmed to Yahoo News following revelations this week that he had plagiarized a paper to receive his masters degree at the Army War College in 2007.
Tribute flag found at flea market to be given to fallen Marine's mother
A $5 flea market find surprises a mother whose son was killed in Iraq nine years ago.
Ex-FBI director warns that Gaza violence will fuel al-Qaida threat
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller warned that the current violence in Gaza will inflame anti-U.S. sentiment in the region and exacerbate an increasingly dangerous terror threat to the U.S.
Texas Dad's Invention That Fills 100 Water Balloons in a Minute Inspires Robust Kickstarter Campaign
Summer after summer of filling and knotting water balloons was taking the fun out of water balloon fights. So one Texas family took matters into their own hands and came up with a way to save time. After some experimentation, engineer Josh Malone and his kids came up with a prototype of a prepackaged balloon set, which attaches to a hose. After a group of balloons are filled with water simultaneously, they tie themselves before falling off — in one minute...
Congressional shrug on emergency border spending could prove costly
According to multiple congressional sources close to members briefed on the situation, a delay in funding would impose increased costs of $250 to $1,000 per child per day. Since Oct. 1, approximately 57,000 children have been apprehended at the border. To give an example of the magnitude of the $250 to $1,000 range — and the cost of congressional inaction — the collective price tag for one day of care for those children could range from $14...
Cops nab criminal who taunted them on Facebook
“Y'all will never catch me,” Roger Ray Ireland commented on the Anne Arundel County Police Department's Facebook page. A day later Ireland was behind bars.
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