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Photos of the day - September 1, 2015
People visit the Rain Room, an installation by Random International, at a museum in Shanghai, China, September 1, 2015. The installation creates a field of falling water that stops in the area where people walk through which allows them to remain dry. REUTERS/Aly Song FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
Will new email release hurt Clinton?
Yahoo News Live looks at the State Department's latest release of emails from Hillary Clinton's personal server. In all, 7,000 pages of documents were released, of which approximately 150 were deemed classified. Yahoo News Global Anchor Katie Couric speaks to the Washington Post's Anne Gearan about the contents of the email release, and what it may mean for the Democratic frontrunner in 2016.
Owners who look like their dogs
Amina and Zazou the dog. (Photo: Ines Opifanti/Caters News)
Vine star randomly drops into splits all over New York
It takes a lot to startle a New Yorker, but someone dropping spontaneously into a split will certainly do the trick.
Liam Hemsworth's inaugural Instagram post features a flirtatious Miss Piggy
We were all heartbroken when Kermit and Miss Piggy announced their split earlier this year. But it looks like Miss Piggy has a new man in her life.
That time Hillary Clinton emailed about Gefilte fish
The latest batch of Hillary Clinton's emails, released by the State Department after dark on Monday, includes discussions of presidential politics as well as sensitive and high-risk diplomatic dealings. In one grim message, Chelsea Clinton warns her parents that relief efforts after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti are riddled with ‚Äúincompetence‚ÄĚ and declares herself ‚Äúprofoundly disturbed‚ÄĚ by what she saw during a trip to that Caribbean country...
Kentucky county clerk refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses
Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis gestures as she refuses to issue marriage licenses to a same-sex couple in Morehead, Kentucky September 1, 2015, in a still image from video provided by WLEX. Davis, defying a new U.S. Supreme Court decision and citing "God's authority," rejected requests for marriage licenses from same-sex couples on Tuesday in a deepening legal standoff now two months old...
Deadly bomb explodes in Bangkok
Thai classical dancers perform in front of Phra Phrom, the Thai interpretation of the Hindu god Brahma, at the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015. Thai authorities arrested a man they believe is part of a group responsible for a bombing at a shrine in central Bangkok two weeks ago, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha announced Tuesday. (AP Photo/ Sakchai Lalit)
A growing immigration crisis
An immigration crisis tests world leaders as refugees continue to flee and risk their lives to escape violence at home. Yahoo News Global Anchor Katie Couric speaks to the director of the Human Rights Watch's refugee program to see if anything can stem the tide.
Photos of the day - August 31, 2015
The Soyuz TMA-18Mis being installed at the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, 31 August 2015. Members of the main crew of the 45/46 expedition to the International Space Station (ISS) Kazakhstan's cosmonaut Aydyn Aimbetov, Russian cosmonaut Sergei Volkov and Denmark's astronaut Andreas Mogensen from the European Space Agency are scheduled brought to the ISS on September 2, 2015...
Groom with a view: Destination wedding snaps
Puglia, Italy - These are the breath-taking images from an annual wedding photography contest to highlight the best destinations to tie the knot around the world. (Photo: Damn Pijlman/Junebug/Caters News)
The back alleys of one of America's most dangerous cities
A postal worker walks a route past abandoned homes that were used by drug dealers in Camden, N.J. (Photo: Gordon Donovan/Yahoo News)
How Trump could turn the presidency into a ‚Äėlitigation circus'
However the Trump University lawsuits are ultimately resolved — and even Trump's lawyers acknowledge it could take years — they illustrate an aspect of Trump's business career that has received relatively little attention as he pursues his campaign for president: He is a litigation magnet who has been the target (and the initiator) of hundreds of civil suits over the past several decades...
Photos of the day - August 30, 2015
An Indian sadhu or holy man looks on as he seats near the banks of the Godavari River during the Kumbh Mela festival in Nasik, India, August 30, 2015. Kumbh Mela, or the Kumbh Festival, is one of the biggest festivals in India, celebrated after twelve years in Nasik, during which Sadhus perform several rituals. (EPA/DIVYAKANT SOLANKI)
Kaleidoscopic images of British landmarks
Tyne Bridge, Newcastle  (Photo: Chris Thompson/Caters News)
Katrina anniversary brings tears, gratitude to tiny Mississippi town
While the narrative for New Orleans after a decade has become one of rebirth and renewal, the same cannot be said for small Pearlington, Miss., which saw just as much devastation. Many here acknowledge that Pearlington may physically never be the same. But townspeople say one unexpected positive note is that the unity required for recovery also broke a longstanding racial divide.
Spa Stunner! American Pharoah loses in Travers to Keen Ice
SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (AP) — Triple Crown winner American Pharoah has been beaten, losing to Keen Ice in the $1.6 million Travers Stakes before a stunned crowd Saturday at Saratoga Race Course.
Photos of the day - August 29, 2015
A lady pug looks towards the camera at the International Pug Meet in Berlin, Germany, August 28, 2015. (EPA/OLIVER MEHLIS)
100 cameras were given to homeless people in London; this is what they shot
In July, Café Art, a London-based arts initiative, came up with an ingenious way to help the homeless express themselves through art.