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Tourists forced to jump from runaway horse carriage in Savannah, Ga.
So much for getting a little R and R down south.
Adorable Baby Argues With Father Despite Not Using Any Words
Some babies are just born to argue, even if they were born just 14 months ago and still do not have any words in their vocabulary.
5 things to know about how Obama 'evolved' his support of same-sex marriage
For years, when asked about his position on same-sex marriage, President Obama would say that it was "evolving." How that evolution occurred and the insiders and outsiders who helped to push it along are addressed in an in-depth article from journalist Jo Becker in Wednesday's New York Times Magazine.
New York City's former mayor is spending $50 million to fight the NRA
In his first major initiative since leaving office, the former New York City mayor announced plans to launch a new gun control organization that he hopes can rival the National Rifle Association.
Congressional candidate shoots down drone with hunting rifle in new ad
A Montana rancher running for Congress says the ad was meant as criticism of what he considers overreach from the federal government into private affairs.
Boston Marathon bombing: One year later
On the first anniversary of the April 15, 2013, attack, the city and country pause to remember the victims and honor the first responders.
Flight Attendant's Hilarious Safety Instruction Video Goes Viral
Fasten your seat belts, stow your belongings under your seat and put your electronics in airplane mode. Southwest Airlines' Martha Cobb has a few safety announcements, and a couple of jokes to share as well. The Houston-based flight attendant known as Marty is gaining national attention thanks to a YouTube video that shows her comedic twist on the routine briefing before takeoff. "If we could pretend to have your attention for just a few moment, my ex-husband, my new boyfriend and their divorce attorney are going to show you the safety features," she begins, immediately eliciting laughter from the cabin...
4 Extremely Well Behaved Dogs Pray Before Eating
So, four dogs sit together in a Chinese kitchen. No, that is not the start of an awful joke, but rather the premise for a YouTube video with almost 90,000 views. The pets featured in the clip are a poodle, a yellow lab and two golden retrievers. All of the dogs sit in front of a bench as a woman in the background prepares their meal. Just before the food is placed in front of them, the woman instructs them to bow their heads...
'World's toughest job interview' prank video is amazing
If you do not think the responsibilities of a mother comprise the "World's Toughest Job," a greeting card company is hoping to change that with its new viral video.
Marathon Sports: Running store that served as triage becomes symbol of healing
For many runners, a Boylston Street shop near the finish line has become part of the recovery.
5 runners who were near finish line as bombs exploded seek closure
The Boston Globe's first film follows Boston Marathon survivors on their quest to return.
Not-so-sweet Caroline: Woman billed more than $4,000 for Neil Diamond download
Neil Diamond can sing. He can play. He can entertain. And he can also inspire a British woman vacationing in South Africa to download his greatest hits on her phone, leading to an incredible $4,350 bill, the Telegraph reports.
Kids Reacting to a Walkman Might Make You Feel Old
The evolution of portable music players dates back to 1979, when Sony created the first Walkman. The name of the device alone might elicit memories of your first cassette purchase or a former workout routine. After all, according to Time, the number of people who said they walked for exercise increased by 30 percent between 1987 and 1997.
The mystery of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's widow
The world is still no closer to understanding what led to the Boston Marathon bombings. The widow of Tamerlan Tsarnaev could unlock some of that mystery -- but she, too, remains a mystery.
Time-Lapse Video Shows Girl Growing Up From a Baby to a Teenager
Time-lapse videos that involve inanimate objects can pique curiosity. But those clips that involve humans, or rather a single human, always seem to gain a lot of popularity on the Internet.
Video of Dog Stuck in Coat Sleeve Goes Viral
You walk into your mother's house, and her dog is stuck in the sleeve of a heavy winter coat. Do you immediately help him out or film the moment for your friends (and many others) to laugh at? In the case of Matt Rundquist, he chose the latter when he stumbled upon his mom's dachshund, Traif. "I rang the doorbell, which made Traif forget he was stuck in a coat and he began to bark his little head off!" Rundquist told Storyful...
'Space Monday': Total lunar eclipse, rocket launch, brush with Mars
Attention stargazers! You're about to be treated to a series of space spectacles.
Some landlords in SF offering tenants big bucks to move out. Here's why
Some landlords in San Francisco are offering big bucks for tenants to move out. Here's why.
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