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US tracked missile that brought down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17
The United States detected the launch of the “specific missile” that brought down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 last week, a senior administration official told reporters on Tuesday.
Gordon Brown: 100 days after #BringBackOurGirls, ‘We will not forget'
Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown told Yahoo News on Tuesday that the world must band together 100 days after the mass abduction of Nigeria schoolgirls to send the message that “we will not forget” the more than 200 children still in the clutches of extremists.
Baby Orangutan Bonds With Surrogate Mom After Multiple Moves
A six-month-old Bornean orangutan is taking small, sweets steps with his new, surrogate mom. Kecil, which means "little" in Indonesian, was born at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio then transferred to the Milwaukee County Zoo, where he still wasn't able to adapt. He ended up at the Brookfield Zoo, connecting with 53-year-old Maggie, who has been a surrogate before. The two met Sunday and have been arm in arm...
Iowa soldier says goodbye to dog he rescued in Afghanistan
A U.S. soldier who brought a stray dog home from Afghanistan recently made the heartbreaking decision to put the sick pup down.
Police return ring 25 years after it went missing
The ring had been missing since the late 1980s, and local police had to make a cross-country search to track down its rightful owner.
George Harrison memorial tree killed by beetles
A memorial tree planted in 2004 to honor the late musician was reportedly overrun by bark beetles, a common pest in Southern California.
Woman who stopped to save ducklings on highway gets $100 ticket
A woman who stopped on a New Hampshire highway to help a group of ducklings whose mother had been struck and killed by a car was given a $100 ticket by state police for stopping on the median.
Many drug inmates who get break under new plan to be deported
Thousands of federal prisoners set to be released early thanks to a change in drug rules will most likely be quickly deported to their home countries next year.
Ick! World's largest aquatic insect specimen reportedly found in China
What appears to be the world's largest flying aquatic insect was discovered earlier this month in China's Sichuan province, officials there say.
Woo hoo! Tattooed 'Simpsons' fan sets Guinness world record
A New Zealand man who turned his left arm into a sweaty shrine to Homer Simpson has set a new world record for having the most tattoos of the same cartoon character.
Fight Breaks Out During Live, Televised Debate
When people are passionate about their position on politics, a debate can get very heated... Maybe turn into a hot enough brawl that chairs are thrown, and more. A live back-and-forth on Jordanian TV channel Josat put outspoken journalist Shaker al-Johari on one side of the spectrum and pro-Syrian regime activist and lawyer Samih Khrais on the other.
Social Media Posts Show Last Moments of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Victims
These snapshots might have been their last. Cellphones and the Web have been tracking the lives of the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, shot down in eastern Ukraine last week:
Sinkhole threatens to swallow Florida neighborhood
A massive sinkhole that opened up in Florida over the weekend is threatening to swallow several Tampa-area homes.
Why Legos keep washing up on a British beach
For the last 17 years, Lego pieces have been washing up on the shores of Cornwall, England, to the delight of mystified beachgoers.
Obama: Pro-Russia separatists stealing Malaysia Airlines crash evidence
President Obama on Monday bluntly accused pro-Moscow separatist fighters in Ukraine of stealing evidence and improperly removing bodies from the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and pressed Russia to compel the rebels to stop blocking an international investigation.
What was MH17 doing overflying war zone?
Dangerous skies can be found from Israel to Iraq, and from Nigeria to North Korea and the East China Sea, and aviation experts say the path that took Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and its 298 passengers over a war zone in eastern Ukraine was not unusual.
Grieving father of MH17 victim pens open letter to Putin
A grief-stricken father whose 17-year-old daughter was a passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 has written an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
How a team of doctors at one hospital boosted hand washing, cut infections and created a culture of safety
One might think that it would be all right for a nurse or tech in a hospital to ask, “Doc, did you wash your hands?” But it's actually taboo because the culture dictates who is in charge and who follows orders. It is estimated that an astounding 40 percent of doctors do not wash their hands before coming into contact with patients, putting them at significant risk of infection. But a team of doctors at the Vanderbilt University Hospital found innovative ways to boost hand washing, reduce infections and create a culture of safety...
Rumors swirl around migrant kids, fueling local backlash
LAWTON, Okla. — Fred Fitch, the three-term mayor of this small city in Southern Oklahoma, has a lot of questions about the 1,200 undocumented immigrant children who arrived at the Fort Sill Army base just north of town last month. He's a friendly, seemingly reasonable guy, but on a recent Wednesday afternoon, he couldn't help but indulge in a little gossip about the hottest topic in Lawton.
Inside The Secret CIA Museum
Osama bin Laden's assault rifle. A singed al-Qaeda training manual. A desiccated rat corpse designed to pass secret messages. A letter from an American operative on a sheet of Adolf Hitler's personal stationery. A painting of the real story behind “Argo.” And a remote-controlled robotic dragonfly that may be the ancestor of today's drones.
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