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Ebola outbreak in West Africa
A health worker checks the temperature of a baby entering Mali from Guinea at the border in Kouremale, October 2, 2014. REUTERS/Joe Penney
Streisand Reveals Mystery Lady killer
You may have seen the ads proclaiming “I kill one woman every minute” and the teasers saying things like "I don't care about your hair color. I don't care about the color of your skin. I'll take you all." Now, in an exclusive interview with Yahoo's Katie Couric, Barbra Streisand has revealed the identity of this mysterious, number one ladykiller: heart disease.
Dash-cam footage appears to show Ottawa gunman
Video recorded on a dash-cam outside the Canadian parliament on Wednesday appears to show suspected gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau moments before the shootings began.
Who was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, gunman killed in Ottawa shootings?
Here's what we know about the suspect so far.
On Politics: The silliest emails of the week
I've been traveling around the country plugging my book on the collision of politics and celebrity in 1987 (see, I just did it again), so I haven't had a lot of time to check in on the latest election polls and midterm controversies. I did spend a half-hour watching TV in a Denver hotel, during which I saw a total of three 30-second ads that did not feature one candidate slandering another. Colorado, I feel for you...
Nurse Amber Vinson free of Ebola virus, family says
Barely a week after being diagnosed with Ebola, Texas nurse Amber Vinson is free of the deadly virus, her family said on Wednesday night.
The New Face of Transgender Youth
What defines gender? Is it biology, the heart and mind, or some combination of both? As the debate surrounding transgender children swirls, one girl is sharing her personal story in the hope that she can help others.
Woodward and Bernstein remember Ben Bradlee
Ben Bradlee will forever be linked to Watergate. The dynamic newspaper man steered The Washington Post through its historic coverage of the most notorious political scandal in U.S. history. “It was the unraveling, the undressing of the Nixon administration,” says Bob Woodward, who along with Carl Bernstein broke open the story that would topple Richard Nixon's presidency.
Syrian refugees
A Kurdish refugee woman from the Syrian town of Kobani hugs a child outside her tent in a camp in the southeastern town of Suruc, Sanliurfa province October 22, 2014. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach (TURKEY - Tags: MILITARY CONFLICT POLITICS)
The fall of Kobani, Syria to the Islamic State
A Kurdish woman chants slogans as mourners carry the coffins with the bodies of Kurdish fighters Hanim Dabaan, 20, Idris Ahmad, 30 and Mohammed Mustafa, 25, killed in the fighting with the militants of the Islamic State group in Kobani, Syria, during the funeral procession of three fighters, in Suruc, on the Turkey-Syria border, Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014. The three fighters_ two men and a young woman barely out of her teens _ were killed during the last few days battling Islamic State fighters in the Kurdish Syrian town of Kobani, also known as Ayn Arab, located on the border with Turkey...
Ottawa shootings: Kevin Vickers, parliament's sergeant-at-arms, hailed as hero
The head of Ottawa's parliamentary security is being hailed as a hero for reportedly fatally shooting a suspected male gunman before he could enter the caucus rooms.
U.S. airstrikes in Syria
An explosion rocks Syrian city of Kobani during a reported suicide car bomb attack by the militants of Islamic State (ISIS) group on a People's Protection Unit (YPG) position in the city center of Kobani, as seen from the outskirts of Suruc, on the Turkey-Syria border, October 20, 2014 in Sanliurfa province, Turkey. According to Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkey will reportedly allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross the Syrian border to fight Islamic State (IS) militants in the Syrian city of Kobane while the United States has sent planes to drop weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to Syrian Kurdish fighters around Kobane...
Koch Brothers Super PAC adds another $6.5 million in TV ads
The Koch brothers-backed super PAC is adding to its TV spending over the final two weeks leading up to the midterm elections, dropping an additional $6.5 million into six competitive U.S. Senate races. The ads will link Democratic candidates to President Obama.
Ottawa shootings: Videos, photos capture chaotic scene, aftermath
A chaotic scene unfolded Wednesday in downtown Ottawa, where a series of shootings left at least two people dead, including a soldier and suspected gunman.
K2 - the savage mountain
A group of Japanese trekkers climbs the rock-covered Baltoro glacier in the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan September 3, 2014. Geographically, Pakistan is a climbers paradise. It rivals Nepal for the number of peaks over 7,000 meters and is home to the world's second tallest mountain, K2, as well as four of the world's 14 summits higher than 8,000 meters. In more peaceful times, northern Pakistan's unspoilt beauty was a major tourist draw but the potentially lucrative industry has been blighted by years of violence...
Photos of the day - October 22, 2014
A woman picks marigold flowers in the fields before sending them to the market to be made into garlands which will be offered during prayers for the Tihar festival, also known as Diwali, in Kathmandu October 22, 2014. (REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar)
Washington school shooter Jaylen Fryberg's personal struggles revealed on social media
Social media posts penned by the shooter in Friday's rampage at a Washington State high school portray a head-over-heels teenager who grew more and more tormented when the relationship fell apart.
Obama's hands on approach to the ebola crisis
US President Barack Obama gives a hug to Dallas nurse Nina Pham in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, 24 October 2014. Nina Pham was released on 24 October from the hospital after being declared Ebola free, Nina was the first nurse to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. (EPA/Olivier Douliery/POOL)
Obama gives Ebola survivor Nina Pham a bear hug at the White House
President Barack Obama gives Ebola survivor Nina Pham a bear hug, part of his personal hands-on approach to persuade jittery Americans to trust elite doctors and scientists to keep them safe.
Bear Valley