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Hello, Columbus
The site a party chooses for its convention can say something about the kind of country it wants to build. And when Democrats select where they expect to host Hillary Clinton's coronation in 2016, they should go to Columbus, Ohio, to show what American cities might yet become. In terms of jobs, urban renewal and a great location at the center of an urbanized state, Columbus has much to recommend it...
Winter depression: What causes seasonal affective disorder and how you can beat it
Roughly half a million Americans suffer from seasonal affective disorder every winter, as the days get shorter. But experts say there are several ways to fight this condition.
Obama to free 8 nonviolent drug offenders
President Barack Obama will shorten the sentences of eight prisoners serving time for nonviolent drug crimes and pardon 12 ex-convicts, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.
U.S. Cuba Timeline
President Obama announced that the United States will start to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba as American Alan Gross is returned to the US after five years as a Cuban prisoner.
The Cuban spy at the center of the Obama-Castro deal
On Wednesday, the ringleader of La Red Avispa — a group of Cuban undercover agents who sneaked into South Florida in the 1990s and were arrested by the FBI for spying for Fidel Castro's government — and two of his associates were released from U.S. prisons and returned home as national heroes. The release is part of a deal between Cuba and the U.S. that is already provoking a storm of controversy...
Exclusive: Stephen Collins opens up about sexual abuse of underage girls
For the first time since an explosive sexual-misconduct scandal broke in October, actor Stephen Collins is talking directly about the incidents, and the events that led to the story being leaked to the press.
Detroit bouncing back from bankruptcy
It was the city on the verge of collapse, perhaps the ultimate example of how a one-time metropolis turned into a sad memory. For the past four decades or so, Detroit, once a mecca for immigrants and the heart of America's industrial revolution, not to mention pop culture, turned into a virtual ghost town. Businesses shut their doors and residents fled by the masses, from a peak of 1.8 million to just under 700,000 today...
Ferguson prosecutor: Some witnesses lied, including woman who didn't see shooting
A woman who swore she saw teenager Michael Brown pummel Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson and charge him “like a football player,” was lying about being at the scene of the controversial police shooting, St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch said Friday.
Stephen Collins to '7th Heaven' Fans: 'I'm very sorry'
In an exclusive interview with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric, embattled actor Stephen Collins admits to sexual misconduct with underage girls and talks about his time starring on the hit show '7th Heaven.'
Photos of the day - December 19, 2014
Three of the newly born cheetah quadruplets rest at their enclosure in Prague's zoo, Czech Republic, Friday, Dec. 19, 2014. The four cubs we're born on Nov. 21, 2014. Scientists say every cheetah cub is critical to saving the species, which is threatened with extinction in the wild. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)
Obama answers only female reporters' questions at year-end press conference
President Obama closed out his final press conference of the year Friday by taking eight questions from eight female reporters.
Stephen Colbert: Your Backstage Pass to the Finale
The takeaway from last night is that Stephen Colbert deserves every bit of success that has come his way.
Barbara Scrivner's long journey to clemency
Twenty years into her three-decade sentence for selling small amounts of meth, President Barack Obama had decided to let Scrivner out of prison, her lawyer told her in a brief and emotional phone call. She started to cry.
This boulder in the Swiss Alps is actually a tiny, hidden home
There's a tiny home located way up in the Swiss Alps that you have to see to believe. The studio house, dubbed Antoine, was designed by Bureau A, an architectural design firm. The concept came from the work of renowned Swiss writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz, who died in 1947. In his novel “Derborence,” the main character, Antoine, lives through a landslide and survives seven weeks under the rocks of the Alpine valley...
Children return our faith in the season
It gathered 10 families and asked the children from each to jot down two Christmas wish lists.
The National Weather Service's hilarious ad offers perfect last-minute gift idea
Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for that friend who has everything but feels compelled to complicate life by rejecting modern technology? The National Weather Service has the gift for you: the NOAA weather radio.
James Holmes' parents: Theater gunman mentally ill, shouldn't be executed
Colorado movie theater gunman James Holmes is “not a monster” and should be spared a death sentence, his parents plead in their first public comments since one of the worst mass shootings in American history.
Falling Oil Prices
The holiday season is upon us, and for many Americans that means - road trip! But if you're bracing for the pain at the pump you've gotten used to over the past few years, think again. Oil prices are the lowest they've been in years, and gas prices have plummeted along with them, hovering at about $2.54 a gallon across the United States. That means this year, it's about 21 percent cheaper to drive to Grandma's house...
Illinois woman tries to trademark 'I can't breathe' for use on hoodies, T-shirts
Catherine Crump of Waukegan, Ill., filed an application to register Eric Garner's last words for use on clothing for adults, children and infants.
Propane Kamps