Monday, March 30, 2015 05:16

Jewish singing group releases Passover-themed ‘Uptown Funk' parody
Just when you thought there couldn't be another “Uptown Funk” parody left to make, a new one emerges.
What if leaving a party was like leaving Facebook?
Leave it to the jokers at College Humor on YouTube to call out people who make a big deal about quitting Facebook. In its latest video, the group compares such an event to leaving a party. A man enters a party and calls attention to himself with the help of a trumpet. Then he says, “Attention, attention everyone. I have an announcement to make.”
Germanwings tragedy: How post-9/11 safety measures factored into crash
After Sept. 11, many airline carriers strengthened cockpit doors and made it more difficult for anyone to get inside once the pilot activated the lock switch — which prevented the captain of Flight 4U 9525 from regaining control.
Photos of the day - March 26, 2015
Paris zoo veterinarian Bastien Servieres works with a sea lion to acclimate it to his presence during a training session at the Paris Zoological Park in the Bois de Vincennes in the east of Paris March 26, 2015. (REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer)
Why announcements actually matter
The world will little note nor long remember what Ted Cruz said when he announced his campaign this week, even after he has become president and abolished all taxes and legalized machine guns and replaced school recess with mandatory prayer. Just like nobody remembers what Bill Clinton said at the Old State House in Little Rock in 1991, or how George W. Bush flew around for a few days after his 1999 announcement in a plane he called, with self-mocking irony, “Great Expectations...
Meet Shep, the world's first drone sheepdog
We all remember what happened when a pig thought it was a sheepdog. Well, it turns out pigs may not be the biggest threat to a sheepdog's career.
Weatherman discovers coat hanger in his jacket on air!
A Minnesota weatherman had the whole newsroom laughing after he whipped a wire coat hanger out of his jacket on air!
Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart as host of 'The Daily Show'
It's official: Comedy Central has announced that Trevor Noah will succeed Jon Stewart as the next host of “The Daily Show.”
Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah. Comedy Central names Trevor Noah as next host of 'the Daily Show,' March 30, 2015. (Comedy Central)
NSA shooting: 1 dead after 2 men dressed as women tried to crash gate outside Fort Meade
One person was killed in gunfire that erupted outside National Security Agency headquarters at Fort Meade, Md., after a car carrying two men dressed as women tried to crash through a checkpoint at the base, officials say.
Men Disguised as Women Shot Outside NSA Gate, Tried to Ram Past Checkpoint, Officials Say
One man is dead and another severely injured after a shootout at one of the main gates of the National Security Agency located at Fort Meade, Maryland.
Shooting at Fort Meade
An aerial view of a shooting scene at the National Security Agency at Fort Meade in Maryland is pictured in this still image take from video, March 30, 2015. The incident left one person dead and another injured, CNN reported, citing Anne Arundel County Police.(REUTERS/Courtesy of NBC4Washington)
Boston Marathon bombing trial
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is pictured in this handout photo presented as evidence by the U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston, Massachusetts on March 23, 2015. Tsarnaev was heavily influenced by al Qaeda literature and lectures, some of which was found on his laptop, a counterterrorism expert testified at his trial on March 23, 2015. (REUTERS/U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston)
Woman apologizes for taking selfie in front of deadly East Village blast site
Christina Freundlich, who posed for a photo smiling and flashing a peace sign in front of the site of last week's deadly explosion in the East Village, has apologized for the tasteless image.
Scott Walker's gloomy pitch for the presidency
Scott Walker is worried. He's worried about America. He's worried about his kids and his grandchildren, and everyone else's. He's worried about Islamic radicalism. He's worried about too many people being on food stamps.
Duke freshmen lead way to Final Four, struggle with rite of passage
Duke's freshmen lead way to Final Four, but struggle with a rite of passage.
Photos of the day - March 29, 2015
Cardinals hold palm leaves as Pope Francis leads the Palm Sunday mass at Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican March 29, 2015. (REUTERS/Max Rossi)
Coney Island's Cyclone roller coaster gets stuck on 1st ride of season
Coney Island's legendary Cyclone got stuck on its first ride of the season Sunday, forcing dozens of riders to be ushered down the historic wooden roller coaster by safety crews.
Selfie taken outside site of East Village explosion sparks outrage
There's a time and place to take selfies — concerts, sporting events, red carpets, space. The still-smoldering site of a deadly building explosion is not one of them.
Naked Cowboy's car nearly stolen from Times Square parking garage
The Naked Cowboy almost lost the figurative horse he rode in on when a would-be car thief apparently tried to steal his car in a Times Square parking garage.