Source: Valley Roadrunner

Oakleys seek sanction against opposing attorney for inappropriate comments about their son

May 22, 2013

Mark & Kim Oakley of VC are seeking sanctions against the attorney who represents one of the two nurses convicted of abusing their severely autistic son, Jamie Oakley, 24 who was in their care for several months.

The Oakleys filed a complaint on May 7 against Attorney Karolyn Elizabeth Kovtun, defense attorney for Matthew Alexander McDuffie, 28, for allegedly referring to Jamie Oakley as a “retard.”

According to the complaint, in December of last year Deputy District Attorney Natalie Villaflor and Detective Maureen Perkins reported that they heard Kovtun say, “My client is a saint for having to put up with that retard.”

According to the complaint, “Kovtun then went upstairs to the 5th floor of the Family Protection Unit of District Attorney’s office in Vista California, stomped in and told Deputy District Attorney, Keith Watanabe, ‘I’m here for the retard case.’ ”

Kim Oakley told The Roadrunner, “I can't let this ruthless defense attorney get away with dehumanizing my autistic son. Or insulting the special needs community.”

Michael Garritson, 62, of Valley Center, the other nurse in the case, was recently convicted of two felony and four misdemeanor counts. He was caught on tape committing acts of brutality on Jamie Oakley, including gouging his eyes and yanking him by the hair and slamming his head onto the ground.

Jamie’s mother, Kim Oakley, said she is outraged that Garritson has, “gotten away with it.” “The judge gave him a pathetic three years of probation. Just like the judge did in the animal cruelty case. He just keeps getting away with his abuse of innocent and vulnerable life. I can only hope God's justice is the justice

we are seeking for our son,” she said.

McDuffie was found guilty of two misdemeanor counts of willful cruelty to a dependent adult and acquitted on two similar counts.