Source: Valley Roadrunner

Letters to the editor

June 11, 2013

Public safety at risk

Editor, Roadrunner:

Have you ever been bullied? This may be happening again in VC. When the County updated the plan last year, they sidestepped a key transportation issue.

Although SANDAG studies show key transportation failures in VC when considering planned growth, they have no plan to fix them. The County’s main problem is lack of capacity on existing roads, lack of alternate routes, and no money to address either. We experience this problem daily, not to mention what will happen if we have another wildfire.

The good news is the County has obliquely admitted the problems by proposing 3 east-west routes out of VC to I-15 and added them to the new plan. Currently only one exists: Lilac/Old Castle Road. Further, they did an emergency evacuation route study, which confirmed the need. Contrary to these findings, the County’s new plan is to reduce the number of roads countywide. Its traditional solution is to fix transportation shortcomings by requiring developers to include new roads.

But what happens when a potential development with a plan to build one of these needed roads is sold to the State, CALTRANS, as “open space”? Does “open space” trump the need for key roads? Some planning group members say YES, believing the State won’t build the road. This is outrageous—knowing that it will increase public safety risks! Case in point is a specific plan area (SPA) on the west side, called Lilac Ranch, which planned 342 homes on 909 acres. Now, some VCCPG members propose an amendment to the new general plan to make this acreage open space, which they think will negate the need/responsibility for Road 3.

When the State bought it, they obviously knew that a key road was needed there. Clearly the new ownership doesn’t diminish the need for a road. Clearly, only title was transferred, and now the County & State have the requirement to provide the new road. Worst case scenario, they will now be the “deep pocket” for any claims of liability or negligence, whether these claims come from a class action lawsuit waiting to happen or loss of life due to the next wildfire.

To see firsthand who on the planning group doesn’t care about your traffic or fire safety, come to the meeting June 10, at 7 p.m. in the Community Hall. This may help you cast your vote in the future.



As you may have heard, there is a battle unfolding in Valley Center over a piece of land which, in the 1930’s housed a CCC (California Conservation Corps) camp in Valley Center. Some of you may remember the dilapidated green sheds near the corner of Cole Grade and Valley Center Roads. They sat for years and years in close proximity to the VC Historical Society, with not a word uttered about them. The land was listed for sale and ignored- without a word or an offer on the property, until VCPUSD Board purchased the land to build fields and recreational facilities for the community and youth. When the District proceeded with their plans to renovate the property into youth fields, chaos erupted, spearheaded by the planning board. The community (as taxpayers) are now being threatened with a LAWSUIT from Craig Johnson and John Vick.

The fact of the matter is, the mission of the CCC, and their goals, past and present, support and reflect the goals of the school district, in giving training, supporting youth, and turning out balanced, productive citizens through sports, opportunities and education. As far preserving the history of the CCC, the organization is more than thrilled to have simple memorials (small statues etc) to mark former sites. I researched this personally.

Hiring lawyers to fight over the lose of the 1930’s shacks are in direct opposition to the missions of both entities which have any real stake (the District and the CCC). Only the lawyers profit under Vick and Johnson’s plan.

Are we really a community which supports hiring lawyers and tapping out taxpayer funded resources which should be going to ensuring bright futures for our youth versus sitting down together- say the Historical Society and the School District, and coming up with a classy way to preserve the history of the site. If Johnson and Vick are so concerned with preserving history, the area tribes certainly deserve more of their attention for their presence in VC for 10,000 years- rather than a few years of occupancy by the CCC.

We must continue to support the VCPSD board and express our disdain for this assault and waste of tax payer money.

Thank you VCPUSD board members, past and present, for your support and belief in the children of Valley Center.

Kelly Johnson Crouthamel

Dog’s best Friend

I recently attended the Sicilian Festival in downtown San Diego. The attendance, vendors, food booths, bands and activities were abundant. The weather was sunny and hot. The crowded sidewalks and streets comprised of adults, meandering teenagers, children and baby strollers presented a challenge to navigate.

Numerous pedestrians contributed to the chaos by bringing along their dogs. These canine companions unintentionally made it difficult to maneuver with their leashes creating mobile barricades not to mention occasional potty stops.

The small dogs attempted to keep pace with their human companions. The temperature at ground level was hotter and trotting through the unpredictable sea of moving legs and feet must have been intimidating. The larger dogs faired slightly better but regardless of size, they all felt the heat, sought to quench their thirst and relieve themselves.

So why do people drag their dogs to functions with no accommodations for dogs? Clearly, the dogs would have enjoyed the day laying under a tree with their toys, water, food and “lavatory” facilities nearby.

I think individuals that subject their dogs to public attractions do so to draw attention to themselves, lack consideration for the dog and other people.

Now before you accuse me not liking dogs I have shared my life with nearly a dozen canine family members over the years. Except for one, all of were unwanted, homeless or old dogs. In fact, I enjoy the company of dogs and animals more than most people I know.

All I am saying is there is a time and place to be with your dog. Festivals, carnivals, hanging out your car window or standing in the back of your pickup truck is neither the time nor the place.

If you are your dogs, best friend leave him or her at home and remember to always pick up after your dog. Thanks

Richard J Moker

VC volleyball

Editor, Roadrunner:

The recent picture and article of the Valley Center varsity boys volleyball team absolutely melted my heart. They may have lost their last game against Bishop's, but with their caring, support, and outpouring of love and appreciation for their Team Mom, Laura Rush, they are winners in the big game of life. I wish these young men the best that life may offer them. (And don't stop being fun-loving or goofy....they are great qualities!)

Mrs. Rush is obviously a very special woman and Mom. My heart goes out to her and I wish her a healthy, cancer free life.

Sharon Bedsaul