Source: Valley Roadrunner

FFA heads for Del Mar Fair

June 19, 2013

Valley Center Future Farmers of America (FFA) members are again participating at the San Diego County Fair.

This year, Valley Center FFA members are participating in livestock, poultry and landscape competitions. During months of receiving “hands on” education, these members have learned numerous skills; including everything from animal nutrition to veterinary care to agricultural drafting. Members have also developed agri-business skills, leadership, personal growth, and citizenship.

The following Valley Center FFA members participated in the youth landscape competition; Dylan Test, Tabetha Witchell, Emily Franko, Sam Francis-Saks, Andrew Curt, Austin Beerbohm, and the Agriculture Mechanics Class. The theme of the landscape design is “Arcade in Color.” The students created a design incorporating video games and colorful landscaping. The youth landscape won first place. Their work will be on exhibit until the last day of the fair.

The Valley Center FFA livestock, poultry and rabbit team will be heading to the fair on June 24. Each of them will exhibit their market animals as well as competing in showmanship classes. They will each have the opportunity to have their animals auctioned at the Junior Livestock Auction or offered privately to earn them a profit. Profits earned will help support their educational goals and allow them to purchase future animal projects.

Valley Center FFA 2013 Livestock, Poultry and Rabbit Fair Team:

Matthew Barnes-Swine

Michael Barnes-Swine

Harrison Bauer-Beef(2)/Swine

Trevor Beerbohm-Rabbits

Emily Franko-Swine/Lamb

Micah DeAnda-Swine

Torrey Denver-Swine

Samuel Francis-Saks-Rabbits/Turkey

Zachary Kertz-Beef(2)

Jasper Macdonald-Lamb

Jenifer Marshall-Swine(2)

Erin McCaghren-Beef

Matthew McCaghren-Beef

George Nicholas-Swine

Yolanda Perez-Swine

Ben Upson-Beef

Ryan Weiler-Swine

Tabetha Witchell-Swine

San Diego County Fair Junior Livestock Auction will be held on Monday July 1. When you bid on these FFA, 4-H and Grange Youth projects you can enjoy quality, locally raised beef, pork, lamb, veal, poultry and rabbit. For information and free ticket reservations for auction, contact the Livestock Office of the San Diego County Fair at 858-792-4283.