Source: Valley Roadrunner

EIR for Lilac Hills Ranch to go for public review

June 19, 2013

The Draft Environmental Impact Report [DEIR] for the Lilac Hills Ranch (Accretive) project being proposed in the Lilac Triangle of Valley Center and eastern Bonsall will be released for public review sometime this week.

Mark Slovick, County Project Manager, told VC Planning Group member Steve Hutchison, chairman of Lilac Hills Ranch Subcommittee, that the DEIR will be released on Thursday. He indicated that all technical reports are in and only awaiting signatures. Once released, there will be 45 days to review the report documents and formulate a response.

The document will likely be posted as a public document on the County Web site for Lilac Hills Ranch. The public will be encouraged to send in their comments to Slovick.

Lilac Hills is a 608-acre, 1,746 unit community planned to be a multi-phased, mixed use development.

The project is currently processing the Master Tentative Map and the Implementing Tentative Map for the first (northernmost) phase. Details on the project may be found at