Source: Valley Roadrunner

Ann’s School of Dance produces “Land of Oz” recital

June 26, 2013

For it’s 34th spring concert performance, Ann’s School of Dance delighted a large Maxine audience last week with “The Land of Oz.” The main characters were Dorothy, performed by Elizabeth Gordon; the Wizard and Professor Marvel were played by Michael Stine, the Scarecrow was Vivianna McCormick, the Tin Man, Mollie Chambers, and the Cowardly Lion was Jennifer Turori. Makena Merrifield played the Wicked Witch of the West and Tuscany Barner was Glinda. Emma Finton was Auntie Em and Sarilyn Stine was Uncle Henry. In an excerpt from the musical “Wicked,” Rebecca Rae Villarreal played young Glinda and Sophia was the witch Elphaba. There were about 85 students in the entire cast. Staging and choreography was by Miss Ann with Laila Schechter assisting in choreography. Karen Schechter and Ginger Staake provided the elaborate scenery. The school is holding it’s Summer Dance Camp July 9 through August 1.