Source: Valley Roadrunner

Girl Scouts raise money to keep state park open

June 26, 2013

Through a lot of hard work selling cookies, the girls of Girl Scout Brownie Troop 1852 of Carlsbad raised and donated $100 towards keeping Palomar Mountain State Park open and vibrant.

“Your gift will have a big impact on the park,” Rick Barclay, chairman of Friends of Palomar, told the girls during the official hand over ceremony. “Absolutely every dollar counts to keep the park open and beautiful, no doubt about it. I’m really impressed with your hard work --- you had to sell a lot of cookies to raise a hundred dollars! And I’m especially grateful that you decided to share your hard earned money with Palomar.”

In February the girls visited the park -- many for the first time -- and were struck by its beauty and learned of the park’s plight. When it came time to sell cookies and to decide where to contribute a portion of their proceeds, supporting Palomar Mountain State Park in its hour of need was proposed -- an idea that came from the girls, rather than the parents. The gift was given in loving memory of Dan Beishline, recently departed gran