Source: Valley Roadrunner

Bottled water is so yesterday

July 02, 2013

If you have ever had a bottled water cooler in your home or office, you know how much trouble messing with the bottles can be—not to mention running out of water when you want it and having to wait for a delivery.

Well, the modern way of providing a steady, uninterrupted flow of water purified down to 30 parts per million is through a reverse osmosis system where you will never run out of water, never have to mess with filters, and never have to find a place to store those bulky plastic bottles.

Jim Fitzgerald of Shamrock Water Solutions has been providing such water to businesses, but says they are a great amenity for the house of the future—today. Shamrock Water dispensers look like computer towers and are remarkably unobtrusive. Yet, like water coolers they can provide water chilled, heated or at ambient temperatures.

Reverse osmosis filtration systems are the state of the art for filtering water. They take just about everything out of the water, but especially the TDS (total dissolved solids).

Fitzgerald, who was born and raised locally and is a Hidden Meadows resident, has set his sights on the “five gallon bottle market.” He points out that, “Depending on the amount of water you use you can save quite a bit of money and eliminate the hassle of having to store and lift the 5 gallon water bottles.”

He adds, “I customize a lot of systems. We have a new product called a Water

Box, a reverse osmosis system that looks like a computer tower.”

Fitzgerald has been a plumbing contractor for 25 years. He became involved with the Shamrock water systems when he put in a water filtration system for a restaurant that needed both alkaline and sparkling water. “I’ve always had questions about what is the best way to go. We customized the restaurant’s water filtration system and they were completely happy with it,” he says.

Shamrock coolers start at $30 a month, which includes installation and replacing filters every six to nine months, depending on usage.” From his many years as a plumber Fitzgerald knows that most people who order water filtration systems rarely change the filters, which renders them more or less useless. So dealing with a company that will regularly change the water filters for one low monthly cost is definitely a plus for most people.

Bottled water companies often offer bottle-less water coolers, says Fitzgerald, but they don’t offer much variety. “I think our units are the nicest looking coolers out there. And at thirty dollars a month that gives you unlimited water, whereas if you do bottles you could spend a lot more. Plus the price of bottled water can change at any time.”

And people love the taste. “All of my customers have been extremely happy. We offer a free trial on qualification and over ninety percent of the customers who have had a free trial like it so much that they end up keeping it. People ask me if I just sell the units. It’s not about selling units, it’s about providing the service. If something goes wrong with it we fix or replace within twenty-four hours,” he says.

The fact that they are dealing with a local man born and bred in Escondido appeals to quite a few customers as well. “They know where they can find me if they have questions,” he says. “I do all the installation so it is professionally done, because I am a professional plumber.”

Currently not too many companies do what Fitzgerald’s company does. “People are just starting to go from the bottles to the bottle-less coolers. There are so many more benefits of having one. And it’s the same technology that they use to truck the bottles to your home.”

To find out more about Shamrock Water Solutions, visit or call 760-801-7170.